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Tips for Finding a Job When Moving Overseas


Moving abroad requires lots of preparation, which often includes finding a job. Looking for a role in a new country can be difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with the culture and don’t speak the local language.

There are steps you can take to help you succeed in securing a job, For instance, ensuring your CV is excellent quality and deciding which companies you want to work for are good places to start.

Continue reading for some tips to help you find a job abroad.


Make sure your CV is high quality

One of the most important tasks to complete before applying for jobs is ensuring your CV is updated and of a high standard. Carry out some research to discover what employers in your new destination expect from a CV, as preferred layout and content can vary between countries.

Tailor your resume to the employer and sector you’re interested in. If you’re looking for jobs in several sectors, it is wise to have a CV for each one. Different employers will be seeking specific skills from their applicants, so you want to make sure you get it right.

It is also recommended that you get someone else to review the CV, as they can spot mistakes you haven’t noticed. Even better, in the instance you know someone in the industry already, ask them to read it over for you.

Should you live in a country that speaks a different language you are fluent in, then create a CV in this dialect. This will show you have taken the time to think through your application and not just sent it through carelessly.


Decide which companies to apply for

Searching for a job overseas can be daunting, as it is a new market you don’t have experience in. It is worthwhile to research industries and employers you like. Spend time viewing their website for any current vacancies, as most will display them.

Learning about different players in the sector can give you an idea of the type of business you don’t want to work for either. This can help you narrow down your list of potential applications.

It is important to consider the values of the company and what benefits they offer to employees. This can be a crucial deciding factor if you end up choosing between two companies after receiving job offers.

There is also the option to work for an international business, which could give you the opportunity of transferring to an office in another country if you’re keen on travelling.


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Organise important documentation

When looking for a job abroad, there are other obstacles to think about as well as your application. For example, there will be documentation that needs to be completed that will allow you to work in the country.

If you’re thinking about working abroad, research what the visa requirements are, and what other information you have to provide for the authorities. These can sometimes come with fees attached as well.

This situation might be easier if you’re transferring overseas within the same company. They could fill in and organise all the relevant documents for you, which makes everything a lot less complicated.

Also, you should think about international health insurance. This will help protect the health of you and your loved ones by ensuring that your medical needs are covered. Many expats opt for private health insurance because it can give them fast access to diagnostics and eligible treatment, as well as a chance to avoid long waiting times.


Begin networking

Being new to an area doesn’t have to be daunting. Make use of platforms like LinkedIn to help grow your professional network. Finding the right contacts and developing personal relationships can lead to a job offer.

Conversing with others in the industry also opens you up to jobs before they have been advertised. This gives you the chance to sell your skills and secure a job before it becomes available to the wider public.

Networking isn’t just limited to online, though. Sign up to events hosted by the industry and introduce yourself to others who work in the sector. This is another way of gaining insight into what kinds of candidates they are seeking, and what skills you need to be successful.


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