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How to Deal with Culture Shock When Living Abroad


Starting a new life abroad is exciting, but understanding the cultures and norms of a new country can be challenging. It may be very different to what you’re used to, resulting in you experiencing what is known as culture shock.

To combat this, there are various things you can do. For example, staying connected with others is important, as it makes you feel less lonely, and learning about the local culture allows you to understand their way of life.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can deal with culture shock after moving abroad.


Stay connected with others

Adjusting to life abroad can leave you feeling isolated from others. To avoid this, you could try reaching out to other expats in the area, who will be able to share their unique experiences with you.

These useful insights can help you settle into your new home, and be reassured that others have gone through similar difficulties to you. Suggest meeting up with these expats to give you something to look forward to.

If you have relocated abroad for work, be confident and socialise with colleagues. Many workplaces have committees that organise work hangouts, or you could invite your work pals to hang out after work to get to know them better in a more relaxed environment.

Another way to make friends is joining an exercise class at your nearby gym. If you enjoy the sessions, it may become a part of your routine and give you an opportunity to make friends with shared interests.


Learn about the local culture

Moving overseas enables you to discover more about the local culture, from their local cuisine to the native dialect. Try a national dish when dining out with friends, and you could discover your new favourite restaurant.

Visit historical sites and famous attractions to understand more about your destination, taking public transport and walking around the neighbourhoods to experience the city the same way locals do.

Another good idea is to become familiar with the country’s language. This will help you speak with local people easier, and make everyday transactions quicker. To learn the dialect, you could opt to join a language class or make use of the many learning apps on offer today.

Take a look at our blog to discover more about how you can immerse yourself in the culture of a different country. By doing this, you can adapt well to the country’s lifestyle and feel more comfortable.


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Don't put pressure on yourself

It can be easy to put pressure on yourself to succeed immediately when you’ve moved abroad, but it’s not advisable to set unrealistic expectations.

There are a lot of challenges you will be facing, made worse if you want to sort everything out immediately. Slow down and take time to organise your schedule, dividing it into manageable chunks. Avoid rushing tasks, as this can cause you additional stress.

Also, keep track of your achievements in a notebook or diary. Recognise your hard work and perseverance by relaxing at the end of the day, knowing you have been productive and are one step closer to your goals.

It is brave to relocate across the globe, another thing you should reward yourself for. Ignore any pre-conceived ideas about what life in the country would be like too, as it is likely that your experience will be unique and different to this.


Focus on things that bring comfort

As well as developing new relationships, keep in touch with those back home for a sense of familiarity. Catching up with them regularly helps you feel connected with loved ones and feel less lonely.

Why not arrange for some of your family and friends to come and visit? This provides you with something to look forward to, and is a chance to show them what the country has to offer.

You could also research to see if there is anywhere locally that sells familiar treats from back home, or ask family members to send some to you. This can bring you comfort after a difficult day, and is something to look forward to when you get home.

Additionally, take time to practice self-care. Whether this is reading a book, watching your favourite film, or carrying out your skincare routine, it can make you feel refreshed and relaxed. Prioritise your physical and mental health, as this will make it easier to find your feet following a move overseas.


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