Best Jobs for Expats in Europe


Working abroad provides many opportunities for expats, but choosing the career that is right for you can be difficult. Everyone has their own strengths, skills and experience that they can offer, but might not necessarily know what industry they want to work in.

It is vital to do thorough research before you move abroad, really considering your job options. In-demand jobs for expats include teaching English, becoming a software developer, or embarking on life as a digital nomad.

Continue reading our blog to learn some of the best jobs for expats in Europe.


Teaching English

Teaching English allows you to gain valuable knowledge of different cultures, as well as hone your communication skills. Be sure to check the necessary qualifications you need to teach in your chosen destination before you make firm plans.

Many options are open to you. For example, you could opt to teach abroad for a short period of time to assess if this career is for you. Or you might wish to move to a new country permanently and teach in their education system.


Software developers

Software development is great a role for expats, offering a variety of different roles. You might choose to be involved in website development, or begin a career in artificial intelligence.

There is always a need for fast and convenient technological solutions in workplaces, giving software developers excellent opportunities. You will be needed across multiple industries, providing you with an understanding of how various sectors operate.

These types of workers are also crucial for companies when they face IT issues that need a fast resolution, as well as helping businesses operate their systems easier. Think about the financial rewards on offer too, as software development roles can pay highly.


For further job advice from our experts before you move abroad, read these Tips for Finding a Job When Moving Overseas.


Consider the digital nomad lifestyle

One of the biggest draws for becoming a digital nomad is travelling. You’re able to live abroad in your preferred destination while still earning an income.

Again, ensure you check the country requirements for working as a digital nomad and follow them carefully. If working remotely appeals to you, then this career is something to think about.

This modern way of working provides flexibility for employees to complete their work at times suitable to them. Before embarking on this journey, make sure you have a good technology set-up, as this is crucial for digital nomads.

On the other hand, this lifestyle can be potentially lonely if you’re new to the area or move around a lot. Take a look at our blog on how to make friends abroad for some useful tips about settling into a new country.


Roles in marketing

Marketing is another in-demand job for expats in Europe. This role requires a range of skills, from conversing with clients to promoting brands. Marketers play an integral part in a company, providing plenty of opportunities for newcomers.

Responsibilities of someone in this job can be wide ranging and include SEO optimisation, customer experience, and social media strategy.  

If you’re new to this field, you can try your hand at different aspects of the role and find out what you like. There could be the option within your company to specialise further, which can help bolster your CV.

If you’re a seasoned professional, you can bring your valuable experience to your new workplace and support them in their growth.



Whether you’re moving abroad to work in the holiday season, or looking for a permanent job, hospitality workers are sought-after by employers.

This industry is great for people who enjoy a lively atmosphere and active environment. You get the chance to meet people from all walks of life and gain strong communication skills.

With many places in Europe open for tourism, there is always a need for high-quality hospitality workers. If you’re at university and want to spend the summer abroad, working in this sector can allow you to do this while earning some money.

However, hospitality jobs can be busy and challenging. It is important to consider this if you’re thinking about getting a job in this industry; if you want something less stressful and quiet, think about other career options.


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