Why is Medical Health Insurance Important?

Many healthcare systems around the world are not free. As such, if you require any medical health insurance or treatment while you're living abroad, it could end up costing thousands of pounds. 

IPMI is primarily designed for expats who are living overseas in a country that perhaps doesn't offer a suitable standard of healthcare facilities, or is financially unrealistic. We are here to help you find the best health and medical insurance plan for you.

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Private Health Insurance

If you are planning to work or live abroad, you can choose a private health insurance quote from a selection of the world’s top 30 providers here at Medibroker...

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International Medical Health Insurance

International medical health insurance is the best way to protect yourself. It is renewed annually and is more appropriate for people living abroad than travel insurance...

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International Expat Health Insurance

Our experts will help you make sure you are protected against the financial costs associated with healthcare overseas by choosing an expat health insurance plan made for you...

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Domestic UK Health Insurance

Are you looking for a UK health insurance cover? A domestic health insurance plan gives you fast access to private hospitals in the UK, ensuring you receive high-quality care...

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Benefits of international private medical health insurance include...

Global Cover

A lot of plans can cover you in multiple countries, meaning your cover goes wherever you do!

Financial Security

International health insurance offers financial security against potential costs of healthcare abroad.


From your family to your work force, Medibroker can find a plan for your needs.

Peace of Mind

IPMI offers security and peace of mind during your stay overseas. You can relax, knowing you're protected.

Let us find the right health and medical insurance plan for you