Short Term Health Insurance In-Depth

Are you planning a short trip overseas? Maybe you're going to travel around a few countries or stay in one place for less than a year.

Even though you are only going for a small period of time, finding the best short term health insurance is still extremely important, providing the ideal solution for short term visitors such as yourself.

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Short term health insurance

Best Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance Overview

Short term international health insurance is primarily a short term solution for people travelling overseas and is not suitable for expatriates living abroad long term.

It offers travellers protection against the costs of medical treatment overseas, which can be extremely expensive depending on where you are situated. You never know when you might need medical attention abroad - so you must make sure you have short term cover.

Short Term Cover

Adaptable to your needs

Short term international health insurance offers different levels of benefits to suit your trip.

Best Short Term Cover

Affordable solution

The private health cover cost is priced to match the length of your stay, making it an affordable option.

Short Term International Health Insurance Plan

Easy application process

Short term health insurance is easy to apply for making it quick and easy to purchase

What is covered?

Depending on the specific policy you choose some of the types of cover can include:

  • Protection against the high costs of medical treatment abroad
  • Medical evacuation
  • Hospitalization
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Dental
  • Repatriation for treatment
  • Cover for pre-existing conditions

Other optional cover includes:

We are here to find the best short term health insurance cover for you


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