Maternity Cover In-Depth

Giving birth overseas is a big decision, and whether you are planning a child or not, if there is a chance you could fall pregnant, you should arrange maternity cover.

Unlike in the UK, you can be charged a lot for maternity care overseas, sometimes tens of thousands of pounds. A lot of people are not aware of this fact, and Medibroker is often contacted by people who are already pregnant, at which point it is almost certainly too late to get maternity cover.

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Maternity Cover

Maternity Cover Health Policy

Maternity Cover Overview

  • Covers costs of maternity care which can be in the tens of thousands of pounds
  • Can cover complications during childbirth depending on the level of cover
  • Cannot be purchased after falling pregnant
  • Generally, there is a 10-12 month waiting period before a maternity cover health policy can be used

Maternity Cover

Peace of mind

Receiving a level of care that meets your standards is essential during pregnancy and childbirth.

Maternity Cover Health Policy

Financial security

The cost of pregnancy and childbirth for uninsured expats can be very high. Choose a cost-effective private health insurance maternity cover.

Private Health Insurance Maternity Cover

Plan things your way

Most maternity cover plans allow you to choose where you receive treatment allowing you to plan the birth your way.

When purchasing private health insurance maternity cover, you should consider:

  • Waiting periods
  • Plan limits
  • Complications
  • Co-insurance 

Other optional cover includes:

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