Individual Private Health Cover In-Depth

A compliant private health cover plan offers financial security and ensures your personal well-being should any medical issues arise, wherever you are in the world.

Some plans even provide the option to receive treatment in your home country. This is an attractive benefit if you are based somewhere remote with healthcare facilities of a lower standard than those in your home country.

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Individual Private Health Cover In-depth

Individual Private Health Cover Comparison Plan

Individual Private Health Cover Cost Overview

  • Designed to offer comprehensive cover against costs of medical treatment anywhere in the world
  • Suited to expats working or living overseas who want financial security
  • Generally includes three areas of cover: Europe, Worldwide and Worldwide excluding the USA
  • Huge variety of private health cover cost options available to suit anyone's needs and budget

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Global Cover

A lot of private health cover plans can cover you in multiple countries, meaning your cover goes wherever you do!

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Financial Security

International health insurance offers financial security against potential costs of healthcare abroad.

Private Health Cover Comparison


From your family to your workforce, Medibroker can find a plan for your needs through our wide private health cover comparison service.

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Peace of Mind

IPMI offers security and peace of mind during your stay overseas. You can relax, knowing you're protected.

Why is having individual private health cover important?

Unlike in some more developed countries, a lot of healthcare systems around the world are not free. As such, if you require any medical treatment while you're living abroad, the private health cover costs could result in you spending thousands of pounds. An international private medical insurance (IPMI) policy is designed to reimburse you for these expenses.

IPMI is primarily designed for expats just like you who are living overseas in a country that perhaps doesn't offer a suitable standard of healthcare facilities, or is financially unrealistic. IPMI is sometimes confused with travel insurance, but they are by no means the same product.

Other optional cover includes:

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