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7 Tips for Healing a British Expat's Homesickness


Moving abroad is an incredibly exciting affair! You're off into the world to explore a new location, immerse yourself in a new culture and potentially be able to call it home forever. Whilst it may all be fun to plunge yourself into this new life, the homesickness is bound to hit at some point.

Whether it takes a few weeks, a year or three years, you might find yourself craving aspects of your homeland whilst living abroad. We can guess that it won't be the weather you're missing from Britain, but as a British expat, the British Corner Shop has come up with some top ways to heal a British expat's homesickness.


#1: Keep a list of your favourite British products


The taste of your home comfort food can really bring a smile to your face, especially when you're faced with different shops that don't stock the usual brands that you know and love. Sure, get stuck into the new cuisine of your expat country, but it doesn't hurt to get some packages sent over from the UK! They'll be very comforting, especially over Christmas.

At British Corner Shop, you can shop for all the top British brands and products from the 10,000 products available. They ship worldwide and can get up to 30Kg of shopping to your doorstep. It is lovely to get a taste of British happiness when you're feeling homesick.


#2: Have a Skype account


Phone calls to loved ones left behind are great, but the cost of calling home can be extortionate. Setting up a Skype account means that you not only get to call another Skype account for free, but you get to see the lovely faces of those that you're speaking to.

It feels fantastic to be face-to-face with your friends that are so far away, and it can help ease pangs of homesickness. A good natter with a cuppa can do wonders!


#3: Get cooking!


Your favourite British cafe or restaurant is now miles away from you, and whilst the local cafes may be delicious, there could be some dishes that just scream 'home' to you! Arm yourself with British Corner Shop's Great British Cookbook and get stuck into the kitchen, whipping up British delights to reminisce over or introduce to your new friends.

They might never have tried a Scotch Egg or a Beef Wellington, but you can create a lovely British spread to highlight the tastes of Britain to them. Britain sure has some divine flavours!


#4: Indulge in some sight-seeing


If you're feeling flat and missing home, don't forget to open your eyes! Give yourself a shake and a pep talk: You're now in a whole new city where there are endless amounts of adventures to explore! Become a tourist in your new city, don't let yourself get consumed by a routine that leaves you out of touch with the fresh culture surrounding you. See what tours are available, compile a list of sights to see during your time there and learn more about your new home.


#5: Arrange trips with your UK friends


If you have a best friend who's still in the UK, begin figuring out the logistics of meet-ups or visits. See if it's possible for them to come to visit you or for you to meet halfway and combine a holiday with a catch-up!

If you're in Europe, flights from the likes of Monarch Airlines, EasyJet and Ryan Air can be pretty cheap, so always keep an eye out for a well-priced flight. Set an alert with Skyscanner so you know exactly when the cheapest flights pop up for your friends to come visit you too.


#6: Meet the locals & other expats


If you're in Europe, flights from the likes of Monarch Airlines, EasyJet and Ryan Air can be pretty cheap, so always keep an eye out for a well-priced flight. Set an alert with Skyscanner; so you know exactly when the cheapest flights pop up for your friends to visit you too.

In this digital age, it couldn't be easier to connect with those in your area. Websites such as BonAppetour, MeetUp, and ToursByLocals can really help you find new people to meet. Meeting expats in your area can really help you get things off your mind and find out how they dealt with similar issues. They'll understand as they've been in (or are currently in!) your position too.


#7: Keep busy


When you become complacent, that's when the homesickness can creep in. If you're waiting for a job to begin, enjoying your retirement or have followed your partner overseas, the change can be starker if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs.

Do those tours you've been thinking about, book yourself into a foreign language class, take up a new hobby or sport, attend those invites you get from local expat groups - keep yourself busy and get to grips with your new life.


Homesickness is just one of many issues you might combat whilst move abroad. Be one step ahead and prepare yourself for anything by talking to one of our international expat health insurance experts.   

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