5 Things They Don't Tell You About Moving Abroad


At Medibroker, through providing our expat health insurance services, we speak to expats all around the world every day; and while everybody is aware of the advantages living abroad offers, the downsides are often brushed under the carpet. Emigrating can improve your cultural awareness, your standard of living and even your job prospects, but there are a few things that seasoned expats would warn newbies about. Here, Medibroker spoke to expat Norman about the things he wish he had known before he set sail.


#1: Humble Pie

You will eat lots of humble pie as you stumble around in your new surroundings learning things that every five-year-old native already knows.


#2: Poverty

Moving abroad confronts you with the fact that there are millions of really extremely poor people in the world, but they tend to complain much less than we, who are, comparatively speaking, affluent.


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#3: Pride

Moving abroad can crack your pride in the superiority of your own culture. You may even learn something from other people and cultures.


#4: Straining

Moving abroad can be very mentally straining as you try to wrap your head around a new way of life, which can cause you to get really angry or depressed.


#5: Family

Moving abroad may put a strain on your relationship with your partner or be really hard on your children. If you hang in there and work your way through the pain, you and your family will benefit enormously.


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