5 Reasons You Should Move Abroad


So you’re tired of your 9-5 lifestyle, and you’re beginning to think maybe you should start living life the way you want to. Moving abroad is a lifestyle change that makes so much sense, but there’s still something holding you back.

The logistics of moving are very black and white. Firstly, you need to think about claiming medical health insurance in case of an emergency. And then you need to know where you want to relocate to, how much that will cost and if it's achievable. If you have these facts down, then there should be nothing standing in your way, but still, there's that invisible rope holding you back.


There are so many people asking the question "should I move abroad?" but in reality, the right question to ask is "Why should I move abroad?".

By asking an open question, you change your outlook on the concept of moving abroad and start asking what you will get from this experience instead of asking other people to choose for you. Only you can confirm that a move overseas is the best choice for you, but here are a few reasons to take the leap and book that ticket (once you've secured your health and medical insurance, of course).


#1: New cultures and experiences await you

It’s easy to get comfortable with your life, whether it’s where you’re living, your job, the people you see and generally the same stuff year in year out. Thankfully, no matter where you move abroad, your experiences there are going to be entirely different from the ones you've gotten used to; and isn't that exciting as hell?

Whether you’re visiting the vibrant Buddhist temples of Thailand or participating in calming siestas in Spain, a life overseas will introduce you to a plethora of people, not to mention the traditions and practices they've carried through the years.

Getting involved in these cultural norms is vital for making the most of your time abroad. After all, you don’t want to stick to your usual weekend Fish and Chips when the flavours of the world lie just beyond your doorstep!


#2: There's nothing like the thrill of exploring a new country

Remember the first time you stepped off an aeroplane? The balmy air dampening your face and the realisation that jeans were an entirely bad idea, overtaken by the anticipation of what you were about to experience.

Living abroad offers you the thrill and excitement of getting to know and explore the world around you all over again. I wouldn't suggest diving into the nearest jungle straight away, but even finding a hidden gem of a restaurant that you want everyone you know to visit can be infinitely more rewarding than being slouched on the sofa for another Saturday.

Whether or not you decide moving abroad is for you, take the time to explore new places when you get the chance. You shouldn't be too scared of getting lost along the way, as sometimes it can lead you to the best places of all.


#3: Nothing is holding you down, why not keep on going?

Once you've taken the first leap of faith, each one after that becomes more like an easy stride through the park. After the first move, you give yourself the freedom of knowing how rewarding it can be and the drive to do it again.

This can often be the case in countries like Thailand and Australia, where renting a property can be as common as owning one in many areas. Without the ties of a mortgage, you can be free to move from country to country without the fear of what comes next; because you know it’s going to be more good times!


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#4: Meeting new people will never be more fun

When I started a new job years ago, it took me 45 minutes to drive to work each morning. After many such trips, a co-worker suggested I take a left before one of the major roundabouts and take a back road. With this hack, the journey plummeted to 15 minutes, and it goes to show that talking to the right people will make your life way easier.

Starting conversations with new people during a trip overseas is no different and will prove to be extremely helpful for local knowledge. Chatting with locals, whether to ask for advice or simply for fun, will almost always pay off, and the majority of them will end up sharing a lot more than you ever expected. If you want to get to know a city quickly, naturally ask the nearest person for their inside tips, and by the end, you’ll be struggling to get them to stop.

You’re probably thinking that this isn't a reason to move abroad, but trust me, it is. Talking to people on your travels is always a pleasure and listening to their personal experiences and advice is very rewarding. Not to mention that listening to their stories usually give you the drive to make your own too.


#5: You won’t look back and wonder “what if…?”

If you've made it this far (congratulations on doing so, by the way), then this is probably the most relevant point for you. When you’re old and grey, the last thing you want to do is look back over your life and wonder, “what if…?”

Moving abroad isn't the start or the end of anything; it’s simply a continuation of the path your life is already heading down. It may seem like a scary prospect at first, but at the end of the day, you only get one life, and you need to take as much from it as you can. There is so much to be gained from going out and seeing the world, so don’t always focus on the negatives that could come as a result, but focus on the positives that you'll gain from the experience.

If you find that it’s not for you, your family and friends will always be back home and would want nothing more than to welcome you home warmly and hear stories of your adventures. It might be clichéd, but the only thing to fear is fear itself, so take the plunge and move abroad before you wake up and realise the opportunity passed you by. Besides, what could go wrong once you've claimed that much needed medical health insurance?


Before you take that plunge, make sure you have the right medical health insurance for your needs abroad.


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