Our award winning support gives you peace of mind overseas

If you’re shopping for international private medical insurance, you might be wondering what value there is to gain by using a broker.

When you buy with Medibroker, it’s not a fleeting relationship. We’re in it for the long haul.


Ongoing customer care

A stress free claims process

Should you need to make a claim and encounter problems with your provider, we can step in as mediators and help to resolve issues.

A dedicated advisor

When you get in touch with Medibroker, you are allotted your own personal advisor, which gives you a reliable point of contact. We know how important it is to talk to a real person who has an understanding of your case if you have any questions.

We’re always here

We’ll get in touch after you have purchased to check that you’re happy, then again in six months’ time, just to answer any questions you may have –and we always aim to get back to your emails within one business day.

Easy renewal

We contact you towards the end of your policy to discuss your options and to find out if anything has changed.

Your best interests in mind

We’re on your side. We don’t earn from you and will always recommend the most appropriate policy for your needs, never steering you towards a more expensive policy to earn commission. It’s worth mentioning that you pay the same price when you buy a policy with our help as you would by going direct to an insurer.

A lucrative referral scheme
We reward loyal customers who want to share the secret to their ideal health cover with their friends and family. Click here to find out about how you can earn apple products when you refer a friend.


Best of all, our lifetime support is entirely free!