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Pre-existing conditions overview:

  • Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions you know about or have previously sought treatment for.
  • Pre-existing cover can offer protection against costs for medical attention (including or excluding the specific condition)
  • If you need treatment for a condition that you already knew existed, your insurance will likely not cover the costs if you have not disclosed your condition.
  • There are affordable solutions for a range of conditions.

Key points:


Moratorium waiting periods

Some conditions can be covered after an agreed period of time with a moratorium application, providing they meet specific criteria



Some insurers will offer health insurance, but excluding pre-existing conditions declared in Full Medical Underwriting (FMU).


Increased cost

A plan which covers pre-existing conditions is very likely to cost more, so you should consider your budget carefully

International health insurance in-depth:

Pre-existing medical conditions are one of the most complex areas of international private medical insurance, and quite often one of the most overlooked.

Every insurer treats this matter slightly differently, and not all pre-existing conditions can be covered. This is why impartial advice is essential to find the best underwriting for you.


What Is a Pre-Existing Condition?

It is any condition, illness or injury that you have ever been treated for in the past or are currently receiving treatment for.

This also includes conditions that most people may not consider pre-existing. For example, those that are well controlled by medication, such as hypertension.

Many people think that if a condition is managed by medication, it is not pre-existing. This is not the case from an insurer's perspective.


Can I Get My Pre-Existing Condition Covered?

Until recently, international private medical insurance for individuals and small corporate plans would usually exclude pre-existing conditions.  In the last couple of years, several insurance providers have changed their approach to this matter, which is good news for anyone with a condition they would previously have struggled to cover.

Medibroker have now access to international health insurance plans that will look at your medical history, including your pre-existing medical conditions, and will try to include them in cover. A potential premium might be applied by the insurer.


What if I Purchase a Plan that Excludes Pre-Existing Conditions?

Where a provider excludes your pre-existing condition, they will also exclude any consequences of the condition. For example, if a plan excluded high blood pressure, it would not only exclude the relatively cheap associated medication, but also any related subsequent conditions. For example, heart attack or angina.

These details are easily overlooked and can cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds. Fortunately, we read all the small print for you!

Here are some of the implications of pre-existing conditions on international health insurance.

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