International Health Insurance for Individuals

Perfect for expats living overseas

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International Health Insurance for Individuals Overview:

  • Designed to offer comprehensive cover against costs of medical treatment anywhere in the world
  • Suited to expats working or living overseas who want financial security
  • Generally includes three areas of cover: Europe, Worldwide and Worldwide excluding the USA
  • Huge variety of cover options available to suit anyone's needs and budget

Our providers:

Key benefits:

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Cover where you need it

Unlike some local plans, IPMI is not limited to the country in which you are based. 

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Financial security

Protecting yourself against the financial cost of overseas healthcare is vital

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Wide selection of plans

With access to hundreds of plans with varying levels of cover, Medibroker can find a plan to suit your needs.

International health insurance in-depth:

Unlike the UK's National Health Service, healthcare in some countries can be very expensive - even for the most basic check-up.

International health insurance is quite simply the best way to protect yourself against these costs.  It is renewed annually and is more appropriate for people living abroad than travel insurance.

Our International Health Insurance advisors contact you directly to discuss your needs

Because IPMI is such a complex product, we contact our customers by telephone to gather as much information as possible to ensure we can select the right plan for you.

What is covered?

The most basic level of cover for any plan includes in-patient care, which is any care which requires a stay in a hospital or medical facility. However there are many optional levels of cover beyond this basic cover, and your dedicated insurance advisor can discuss these with you. More comprehensive plans will cover costs for things like GP visits, out-patient care and visits to specialists.

Other optional cover includes:

For definitions of Insurance terminology visit our Health Insurance Glossary

Frequently asked questions

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