Dental Insurance

A sensible add-on to your health insurance policy


Dental Insurance Overview:

  • Additional cover for your international health insurance plan
  • Can take up to 6 months of cover before any claims can be made
  • Covers a variety of costs from check-ups to orthodontics

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Key Benefits:


Cover for regular care

Take care of your oral health while abroad with cover for regular checkups and minor treatment. 

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Cost effective solution

As an addition to IPMI, dental cover is a cost effective add-on, as opposed to paying for a dedicated plan.


Choose your dentist

With thousands of online reviews you can make an informed decision about where you receive your dental care.

Dental health insurance insurance in-depth:


Dental insurance usually covers costs for any none cosmetic dental treatment. This includes checkups, complex dental treatment, orthodontics and much more.

Most basic IPMI plans will include cover for emergency dental treatment however more extensive levels of dental cover can be an additional cost. As with all insurance, the level of cover depends on your specific policy and with dental insurance in particular; you get what you pay for.

Is dental insurance right for me?

Most types of insurance are only worth having when you actually need to use them. However if you want to maintain your oral health, you will need to regularly visit the dentist - no matter where in the world you are. Dental insurance can be an affordable addition to a health insurance policy, so if you consider your dental health important, it's worthwhile buying this additional cover.

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Dental Insurance FAQs:

When can I start claiming for medical care?

Are regular check-ups included with dental insurance?

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