Choosing the right type of cover is vital

Otherwise you could be left unprotected

Which type of Insurance is right for you?

When it comes to international health insurance there is no one plan that will suit everyone, and the insurance experts at Medibroker work hard to understand your needs so that we can find a plan that is the perfect fit.

There are thousands of insurance plans on the market, and they all differ slightly in the extent of what they cover. Choosing a plan that caters to your needs specifically can be difficult, but with Medibroker's help you could save money.

So what added benefits do you need your medical insurance to provide?

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International Health Insurance

International health insurance is the best healthcare solution for expats living overseas long term...

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Dental Cover

This will cover the costs of dental work which can be very expensive abroad.

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Short term health insurance

Short term health insurance is intended for trips overseas that are less than 12 months in duration. 

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Maternity Cover

These specialist plans provide cover for the costs of pregnancy and childbirth.

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Family Cover

Designed to protect families during a 12 month+ trip overseas.

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Pre-existing conditions

If you have a pre-existing condition, finding an insurer who will cover you can be a challenge.

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