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Are you an Expat working or living abroad? Our advisors will find the right health insurance for you

  • International health insurance protects expats from the potentially huge costs of medical treatment overseas
  • Based on your needs we will assess plans from over 30 insurers and recommend the best policy for you
  • Our service is 100% free to use and we provide award winning support for the life of your policy

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Why Choose Medibroker
  • Takes less than 2 minutes to request a quote

  • Free impartial quotes from over 30 insurers

  • Free policy lifetime support

  • Award winning service

Why Choose Medibroker
  • Takes less than 2 minutes to request a quote

  • Free impartial quotes from over 30 insurers

  • Free policy lifetime support

  • Award winning service

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We take the time to understand your needs

Whether you're working or living overseas, the last thing you want is to be stuck with huge medical bills. At Medibroker, our priority is providing you with a simple and secure solution to finding the right international health insurance policy, to protect against the cost of health care abroad.

We will assign you a friendly advisor who will chat with you via phone to assess your needs, recommend a suitable plan and answer any questions you might have about international health insurance.

By working with you directly, we can ensure you get an international health insurance plan that provides an adequate level of cover for your specific needs at the best price possible.

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Save Time

We search international health insurance plans from over 30 insurers saving you the time and effort of doing so yourself

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Value for Money

With great value options from our providers we can find a plan that meets your budget as well as your needs


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Why is International Health Insurance Important?

Many healthcare systems around the world are not free. As such if you require any medical treatment while you're living abroad, it could end up costing thousands of pounds. An international private medical insurance (IPMI) policy is designed to reimburse you these expenses.

A compliant international health insurance plan offers financial security and ensures your personal well-being should any medical issues arise, wherever you are in the world. Some plans even provide the option to receive treatment in your home country. This is an attractive benefit if you are based somewhere remote with healthcare facilities of a lower standard than those in your home country.

IPMI is primarily designed for expats just like you who are living overseas in a country that perhaps doesn't offer a suitable standard of healthcare facilities, or is financially unrealistic. IPMI is sometimes confused with travel insurance but they are by no means the same product.

Who is iPMI right for?

  • People working overseas

  • People moving abroad to start a new life

  • Anyone spending more than 12 months in a country without suitable healthcare

Some of the key benefits of international health insurance include...


Global Cover

A lot of plans can cover you in multiple countries, meaning your cover goes wherever you do!


Financial Security

International health insurance offers financial security against potential costs of healthcare abroad.



There are so many options meaning we can find an insurance plan that meets your needs and budget.


Peace of Mind

IPMI offers security and peace of mind during your stay overseas. You can relax, knowing you're protected.


By talking to you directly we can...

  • Fully understand your personal requirements
  • Find out what matters most to you and focus our search with this in mind
  • Explain everything you need to know in a jargon-free language
  • Offer full support throughout the process, from application to making a claim

We're regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority ensuring a high standard of service.

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Free Lifetime Support

From application to communicating with insurers, our team will provide free support

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Award Winning Service

The Medibroker team have won many awards over 17 years so you can expect high standards