Our Insurance Providers:

Morgan Price

Date established: 1999

Current underwriter: leading international and domestic insurance companies, and the insurer of your plan will be shown on your certificate of insurance

Financial standing: A

Office location: Wymondham, Dubai, Hong Kong, London


Morgan Price International Healthcare - We pride ourselves on our customer service. Since 1999, we have been providing first class attention to our growing numbers of clients around the world. We are pleased to say that many of our clients from the early days are still with us today. Our Evolution Health Plans are insured by leading insurance companies and a UK based Financial Conduct Authority regulated insurance company. The staff at our underwriters have many years of international health insurance experience between them and fully understand our business and the needs of our clients.

Morgan Price aims to provide insurance to meet needs worldwide. In certain areas of the world, this means providing a locally licensed provision. In addition to our UK office in Norfolk, we have an additional office based in London, along with offices in Dubai and Hong Kong. Currently, we have a locally licensed plan in the U.A.E. and offer insurance to companies in this region with our partner Watania using a claims provider that can meet the direct billing requirements locally required by our clients.

When you choose an International health insurance policy you want the comfort and confidence that you can count on it wherever you are in the world, that’s what we offer for our members - peace of mind.


The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) replaces the current Insurance Mediation Directive.

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