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Date established: 2006

Current underwriter: Lloyd's of London

Financial standing: 'A' (excellent) A.M. Best,'A' (Strong) Standard & Poor's

Office location: Malta (EU), London (UK)


So if your planning to travel to remote, challenging, or even dangerous locations “put on your battleface™” and enjoy your trip knowing you have the best coverage and services available. 

Tangiers Group also write international private medical insurance for corporate and non profit groups. We specialise in providing insurance and healthcare services to natural resource companies, oil & gas operators, engineers, logistics companies, missionaries, journalists, humanitarian, aid and relief organisations, NGOs, and many others. The Tangiers’ difference is that their employees are there when you have a medical event, they personally coordinate healthcare delivery, arrange transportation and make sure you have the best chance for a full recovery.

Whether you are planning a trip to Kenya, relocating to Thailand, or just taking a long weekend in Panama, Tangiers has the insurance and medical services you need.

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