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Date established: 1990

Current underwriter: Aviva

Financial standing: ‘A+’ Standard & Poor’s, ‘Aa3’ Moody’s, ‘A’ A.M. Best

Office location: United Kingdom & Throughout Europe



Aviva Health UK Limited is part of the Aviva Group, which is the world’s sixth largest insurance company and the UK’s biggest insurance organisation. With assets under management of £336 billion, Aviva has 36,100 employees (25,000 of those in the UK) looking after over 43 million customers in 28 countries around the world.

With a Standard and Poor’s rating of AA- and worldwide sales and new premium income of £40.6 billion, their sheer size and scale enable them to provide our customers with complete peace of mind.

Aviva's Story

Aviva was launched in 1990 with no pre-conceived ideas.  Since this launch they have been an innovative and progressive influence in the market. Now a major private medical insurance provider in Britain, covering over 2 million lives, they have developed into a market leading company and have received many awards in recognition of their achievements.

Aviva work with a broad range of industries from small and medium sized enterprises through to FTSE top 100 institutions.  They provide healthcare solutions to companies with membership ranging from 250 to circa 30,000 lives and have experience in delivering tailored solutions for these companies.

Taking on board the significant legislative, clinical and cultural changes, they have constantly evolved their suite of products to meet the rapidly changing needs of the private medical insurance market.


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