Our Insurance Providers:

April International Care France

Date established: 1975

Current underwriter: Axeria Prevoyance

Financial standing: ‘A-‘ Standard & Poor’s

Office location: France, Mexico and Bangkok.


APRIL International Expat has been specialising in the broking and management of international insurance for over 35 years. Their multilingual advisors and administrators, based in Paris and Mexico City, deal on a daily basis with the challenges created by international mobility.

By leaving their home country, expatriates lose their entitlement to Social Security and are often faced with high healthcare costs. For instance, hospitalisation in the USA can reach exorbitant amounts, sometimes up to several hundreds of thousands of euros.

Whether it’s for a long trip to Asia or a move to the USA, APRIL International Expat provides the most appropriate insurance solution and ensures a rapid and efficient response, whether for the reimbursement of medical expenses, a need for repatriation, the incurring of personal liability or the payment of a daily allowance. In 2012, APRIL International Expat covered 100,000 individuals and achieved turnover of €20.7 million.

Since 1999, APRIL International Expat has belonged to the APRIL Group whose business is to advise, design, manage and market specialised insurance solutions through a multichannel strategy.

Since 1975, APRIL International Expat has been providing a range of insurance solutions for people travelling or living outside their home country: international studentsglobetrottersexpatriatestravellersemployees on assignment and foreign visitors to France.

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