Healthcare becomes even more important when living or working abroad. Access to quality local medical facilities and appropriate treatment for expats can be both difficult and expensive all over the world. In addition, the quality of local medical facilities varies tremendously.

All in all, it makes sense to purchase an international health insurance policy.

International Health Insurance - Key Benefits

  • Peace of mind 
    The chances of you or your family having any serious illness or accident while abroad may be small, but there is still a risk. That is where international health insurance polices can provide some value. 

    This is particularly important in the case of unexpected events such as road accidents, which are so common in developing countries.

  • Consistent High Quality of Care  
    International health insurance gives you access to the best available doctors and facilities right across the world. This consistent level of care is especially important if you are based somewhere remote, where you are unsure about the quality of facilities available locally.

  • Removing Financial Risk 
    The cost of healthcare is on the increase globally and shows no signs of stabilising. Not being properly insured can result in some crippling medical bills in the most extreme cases, eg, in USA.

  • Customer choice 
    In most cases, international health insurance policies allow customers to make choices about where and when they access their care, including back at home.

  • Designed for expatriates
    Whether professionals, individuals or families, there is a plan that suits your specific needs and budget.

We sometimes receive enquiries about travel insurance. It is not the answer for expats, as it would only cover them for emergency treatment with all the caveats mentioned above. Visit this page, where we explain what the main differences between international health insurance and travel insurance are.