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Where to travel 2015




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#5: Bali

Perfect for exploring! undefined

A small island in the Indonesia region, Bali is one of the most pristine locations on earth. Boasting a rich cultural heritage that is still thriving today, visitors to the island can expect to be treated to amazing art, dance, music and of course, show stopping cuisine.

Bali is world renowned for its volcanic landscape and tropical climate so don't expect to walk anywhere without wanting to stop and indulge in the fantastic scenery. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters containing coral reef which is home to endless species of tropical fish, so swimming and diving are a must.

Thanks to the island's ever growing tourist industry, you can experience an array of trip with local guides including:

  • Trips to visit hidden jungle waterfalls
  • Snorkelling and diving in the tropical waters
  • Guided island tours visiting villages and other POI's
  • Exploring breath taking religious sites and temples 
So if you're looking to travel somewhere with stunning scenery, a rich cultural heritage and world class cuisine (all within easy reach) then Bali might just be the 2015 travel location for you!


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New Zealand




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#4: New Zealand

Perfect for adrenalin junkies! undefined

Located off the coast of Australia, New Zealand is comprised of two land masses, a northern and southern island, surrounded by a number of much smaller islands. There are few places on earth which such a diverse landscape, ranging from snow topped mountains to golden sun drenched beaches.

New Zealand has always attracted adrenalin junkies from around the world with all types of activities from sky diving, surf boarding, white water rafting, Bungee jumping, sport fishing and even the world's largest swing (Nevis swing)!

Needless to say the traditional Māori tribal culture is a fantastic experience and well worth exploring if you have time during your trip. New Zealand really is a laid back place where you can explore and enjoy the country at your own pace. Being so varied New Zealand doesn't really work in generics and everyone who visits there, takes away their own special memories and attachments from the great country. So if you have some spare cash then New Zealand might be your idea 2015 travel destination.

One of our regular members of #expathour, Phil from Ajarn.com traveled to New Zealand and here's what he had to say:

"New Zealand's South Island surely has some of the most breath taking scenery on earth. What amazes you most of all are the contrasts. One moment you are skirting the coast with spectacular waves crashing against the rocks, but take a couple of turns inland and you come face to face with ice-capped mountains.

You almost get tired of stopping the car to take photos because just when you think you've seen the greatest view imaginable, there's an even better one a mile down the road. I always thought The Lake District in northern England could never be beat for awesome scenery but New Zealand is like The Lake District on steroids."


Northern India 





undefinedIf you are considering participating in volunteer work we recommend looking at ProjectsAbroad.

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#3: Northern India

Perfect for affordable travel undefined

It seems like everything from bread to petrol is getting more expensive in recent years and travel is no exception. The days of £100 holidays to the Spanish Costas are gone and even the more remote locations seem to be hiking the prices up too.

One of the few remaining places where you can find affordable travel in 2015 is Northern India. Admittedly your flights will be the biggest hit to your wallet with return flights easily costing around £700!

However once you touch down you can expect to spend very little with a good meal costing as little as $3.00 in some towns! There are so many interesting locations to visit in Northern India trying to list them all would be an exercise in futility. However some of the best towns and cities in the region include Delhi, Rishikesh, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur and Dharmsala.

The cities alone offer an astounding experience with undiscovered curiosities down every side street and ally, but if you want to see the best of India then booking some organised trips is a must! Whether you're riding an elephant through the idyllic landscape, taking a relaxing boat cruise down the Ganges River, seeing the wildlife in a safari or visiting the jaw dropping feats of architecture at one of the country's many religious sites, India will almost certainly send you home a very different person to the one that arrived. 

However for all that there is to do and see, it is still an undeniable fact that the country suffers for high levels of poverty. You will experience this in some form or another on any trip and it may change your outlook. Deciding where to travel in 2015 could involve helping those less fortunate and there are many worthy volunteer programs worth checking out to do so such as Projects Abroad. You can volunteer to help with a number of programs including: 

  • Health and medical care
  • Building projects 
  • Sports training/education
  • Tech and IT
  • ...and many more!







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#2: Beijing

Perfect for sightseeing! undefined

Beijing is the capital of China and brings all of the show and grandeur that you would expect as such. The clash of China's imperial past and modern culture co-exist in perfect harmony offering visitors a mix of experiences depending on how you want to spend your time there.

If you enjoy sightseeing then you are in for a treat. There is a veritable smorgasbord of attractions to visit and choosing which ones you want to see is a task best conducted pre-departure to make the most of your time. The Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tienanmen Square and Capital Museum are just some of the fantastic places worth visiting in Beijing if culture and history is your cup of tea.

undefined Of course we can't forget the allure to 'Foodies' everywhere with China's world renowned food culture. Beijing is a heaven for food lovers with stalls sprawling the streets selling all types of snacks. The night markets will take your sense of smell and taste to places they've never been before

You might be a little taken back to find a selection of fried animals on sticks including whole spiders, scorpions and even starfish! But if you're willing to 'bite the bullet' (love a good food pun!) then you really are in for a treat.


So whether you love learning about the past or indulging in the present, Beijing is a city with everything to offer and with good planning you might have time to try it all!






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undefined#1: Borneo

Perfect for luxury undefined

So here we are at number 1 on our list of places to travel to in 2015 and boy is this a good one! With a tropical climate thanks to its proximity to the equator, heavenly views and everything that makes an eco-lovers paradise, Borneo takes its rightful place as the top place to travel in 2015.

Borneo is the third largest island in the world and unique in the fact that it is split between three different nations: Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, so travellers can compare each of the island's cultural influences. Until now Borneo has remained relatively off the beaten path, but the rich culture and location in the center of South East Asia is set to push the island to the top of every traveller's bucket list.

Jungle trekking in Borneo is the ultimate adventure, but it doesn't stop there. Sleep under the stars at an eco-resort at the northern tip, monkey around with intriguing creatures at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, or explore the island's numerous caves.

A river cruise is a leisurely way to take in Borneo's lush landscape and learn more about the local wildlife, but ensure you enlist the help of a guide who is truly passionate about the island's preservation. 

Foodies should spend a few days in Kota Kinabalu, the Sabah region's buzzing city, to sample the local delicacies such as Nasi Lemak or fragrant Beef Rendang at the captivating night market by the sea. Shopaholics will also enjoy snapping up some souvenirs of their trip to Borneo at one of KK's impressive markets: the handicraft market serves up a plethora of handmade garments and the sprawling weekend market takes over the city's main streets.



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