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    Posted by Stephen Whitfield


    The team of expert international health insurance advisors at Medibroker speak to people planning to live and work abroad every day, and we've learned a lot about why people choose to emigrate. Clients trust us to find the best overseas healthcare plan for them because we are unbiased experts who pride ourselves on working in the  interests of our customers rather than policy providers. Our strong relationships with clients last year showed us where the most popular destinations were for expats in 2014.

    Thousands of people have decided to move their lives overseas to chase better salaries, a higher standard of living, new experiences and much more. If you're planning to join them, contact us today for a free international health insurance quote. So, which destinations were most popular for expats in 2014?

    3) Dubai


    As you can tell from the picture on the right, Dubai has undergone a rapid transformation; becoming one of the fastest developing cities on earth. People are drawn from around the world to the excellent climate and lifestyle that the city offers - not to mention the stunning skyline.

    One of the main aspects that expats who move to Dubai for work can expect to enjoy is a high salary with little or no tax on their earnings. The potential to make a lot of money continues to bring in a steady stream of expats all year round.

    Wondering exactly how wealthy the country is? They have machines (like our cash machines) that dispense gold.

    "Dubai is home to over 2 million people from over 200 different countries. There is no doubt what so ever that Dubai is, and will continue to be, one of the top expat destinations."

    With views like this you can see why expats flock from far and wide to absorb the sights and sounds of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities.


    2) Singapore
    Medibroker is seeing an increasing number of clients choosing Singapore as their new home country due to the job opportunities, diversity and level of safety for expats.

    Singapore offers a charcuterie of culture that you won’t experience anywhere else in the world. The history of Singapore dates back hundreds of years but it was established as a trading station in 1819 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. It quickly began to attract migrants and merchants from across the globe and became a melting pot of trade and culture that shapes the city today.

    "The mix of so many different religions and cultures not just co-existing, but working together, has seen the city explode into the monument of multiculturalism is it today."

    As English is one of the most commonly used languages in the Singapore, it makes it very accommodating and appealing to English speaking expats. Almost everyone in Singapore speaks different languages and with the mix of so many different people it’s easy to understand why. It is today a recognised leader in business and trade, so opportunities for expats working in Singapore are truly immense.

    With a clash of long held traditions and modern business infrastructure, Singapore offers a fantastic environment for anyone to enjoy and indulge themselves. There are countless attractions to visit in the city and you simply can’t escape its allure. Check out "Five seemingly obvious facts ever Expat should know about Singapore"

    1) Bangkok - Thailand


    The exotic world of Thailand has become a new home for thousands of expats, and Bangkok is one of the most popular destinations in the country for British expats. It offers a deep cultural heritage and a relaxing lifestyle that people looking for an alternative to their home country cannot resist. From the ancient ruins to its golden beaches, it is clear why Thailand is known as “The land of smiles”.

    Medibroker have heard from so many expats living in Bangkok and the vast majority seem to agree the pace of life and culture are the main reasons for moving there. When you visit Thailand you will be flung into a culture unlike any other. The city has an addictive pulse that can be felt in the vibrant markets, the city's Chinatown, the boats travelling up and down the river and in just about every nook and cranny there is.

    Great employment opportunities, fanatic food and the amazing lifestyle are just some of the reasons so many people choose to live in Thailand. Without a shadow of a doubt once you visit the country you will fall in love and that's why so many people return; making it our number 1 expat destination!

    Read our interview with a British Expat who made the move to Bangkok.

    If you are planning a move to Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok or any other overseas destination; make sure you have the right international health insurance plan for your needs. Contact one of Medibroker's expert team and we will find  the most suitable global health solutions from a choice of over 100 products from over 30 of the world's top health insurance companies. Best of all, our service is quick and free of charge, and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in UK.

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