• Top 5 restaurant chains to eat at in the UK

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    You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has never heard of McDonald’s, Burger King, or KFC. They’re everywhere.

    But if you’re an expat moving to the UK, you might be curious about what non-fast food restaurant chains the country offers, and which of those chains are the most popular.

    Here’s a list of the top five restaurant chains in the UK, according to digital polling website, Ranker.



    It comes as no surprise that the restaurant famous for its piri-piri marinades and sumptuous chicken claims top spot as the most popular restaurant chain in the UK.

    The phrase “Cheeky Nando’s” has even become a colloquial saying used throughout the UK over the past few years.

    The restaurant specialises in Mozambican-Portuguese chicken dishes, which makes it unique despite it’s now global popularity. It’s a vibrant eatery, and as soon as you walk through the restaurant’s doors you’re met with all sorts of aromas and delicious smells.

    As well as its signature chicken dishes, the restaurant also offers burgers, ribs, salads, wraps and pitas, and a range of appetizers.



    Although Wagamamma serves Asian food based on Japanese cuisine, its origins are firmly British – with the first restaurant opening in 1992 in London.

    The restaurant is inspired by authentic fast-paced Ramen bars, and offers a range of rice and noodle based dishes.

    As you can expect from Asian cuisine, every dish is bursting with an array of flavours that make you feel like you’re dining in the orient.


    Gourmet Burger Kitchen

    Inspired by New Zealand’s burger culture, Gourmet Burger Kitchen offers burgers bulging with tasty ingredients and packed with flavour.

    Don’t let the restaurant’s casual atmosphere fool you, as the burgers served are truly gourmet. And their sweet potato fries will leave your stomach crying out for more.

    What’s more, you can enjoy unlimited monkey nuts before your meal – an added extra that makes for an even better dining experience.



    If you enjoy Italian cuisine, then you’ll enjoy a visit to Zizzi.

    The Italian-inspired restaurant has more than 150 restaurants across the UK and Ireland – and has been offering a sumptuous menu of Italian food since 1999.

    You can go here to enjoy a classic Italian pizza, a rich pasta dish, meat and fish plates, mouth-watering risottos, and the world-renowned Italian gelato.


    Pret A Manger

    This is more of a café than a restaurant – offering a range of breakfast and lunch items such as sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, fruit pots, bagels, egg dishes, and fresh coffee.

    Whether you work in a big city or in a local business park, Pret A Manger is a great way to start your day or refuel yourself halfway through.

    Of course, although dining out is good for your social life, and can save you the hassle of cooking and preparing food – it’s still important to maintain a balanced diet to ensure good health. Speaking of which…

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