• Top 5 Mind Blowing Luxury Travel Accessories

    Posted by Stephen Whitfield


    Frequent flyers no longer have to make do with sipping lukewarm water over a dog-eared book on a 12 hour flight. International travel is becoming easier and more accessible than ever, meaning there's a huge market for luxury travel accessories.

    Gone are the days of boarding your wooden vessel to embark on a three month voyage to the sub-continent in order to explore the unknown and exotic lands that lie beyond the map's edge.

    It’s 2015 and if you want an ice cold beverage and Wi-Fi on your third flight this week - well, that’s just fine by us! There’s no need to feel guilty about wanting to travel in extra comfort and ease. With that in mind... bring forth the top 5 luxury travel accessories of the year!

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     5) Google Glass

    The Price= £1,000 GBP for the beta version.   The Pros= Hands free interaction with the world.   The Cons= Looks like you're talking to yourself.

    Do you ever find using your outdated hands a real hassle? Do your clumsy meaty fingers simply hinder your day to day tech lifestyle? Well Google has got just the gadget for you! They have taken a major step in making even the most basic of tasks obsolete with their latest tech release, Google Glass. These high tech specs can do almost anything a smart phone can; from taking pictures to making calls!

    If you want to complete various tasks you can use simple voice commands such as “Take a picture”! Who cares if you annoy every person in the area and frankly look like a total nutter, the calories you saved by not grabbing your camera were totally worth it! This device can potentially capture almost every element of your holiday, friends and family's details, pin numbers and other personal information without you lifting a finger!

    4) Solid Gold i-Phone Case

    The Price= Around £7,000 GBP  The Pros= It's Gold.   The Cons= It's as heavy as Gold.

    Image taken from Miansai Store

    Well…it’s solid gold...and protects your phone.
    Need it? No.
    Better than other cases? No - probably heavier.
    Why would you want it? It’s solid gold!

    3)GoPro Drone

    The Price= £350 - £1,000 GBP The Pros= Awesome movie quality and perspective.   The Cons= Pfffft. Ain't no cons here!

    Image by Don McCullough from Flickr

    With the ability for almost anyone to travel these days it’s sometimes hard to impress others with your holiday pictures. Let’s be fair, every summer our news feeds explode with pictures of a beach with someone we know standing there. “Wow, that was really you… on that beach!? Get out of here! ".

    So how can you spice up those drab old holiday pics I hear you ask? Try a flying camera! The GoPro sports camera is a well-known brand that knocks out stunning 1080p footage that just looks great on any screen. Now you can even attach these beauties to a remote controlled flying drone! Fly up and down the beach kicking up sand onto all those terrible photos being taken beneath your ultimate family holiday video!

    P.S. If anyone from GoPro is reading this please get mass producing a GoPro submarine as I’m tired of swimming to see fish! It's inconvenient for both me and them.


    2) Wi-Fi Tractor

    The Price= Not really for sale.  The Pros= Wi-Fi Anywhere.   The Cons= Fuel consumption/general transportation.

    Image by EE

    Ever found yourself deep in the Borneo rain forest without Wi-Fi signal and broken down without the ability to check Facebook for what people are eating for tea? Of course you have; we all have and that’s okay, it’s 2015 after all! So surely there is a simple solution? Yes I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner too, a Wi-Fi tractor!

    This bad boy uses satellite connectivity to blast those beautiful signals straight to you, so that you’ll be back online in no time! Okay so these aren’t actually for sale to the public and it most likely won’t work in the Borneo rain forest, but you know as well as I do that if there is any chance we can get 5 more minutes of internet, we simple have no choice but to try and get one!




    1) DeepFlight Personal Submarine…Yes, your very own sub!

    The Price= $1.7 million.  The Pros= You can pretend you're James Bond. The Cons= Jealous will strip you of friends.

    So the other gadgets were okay, but I know that you want to splash out a little extra! So why not treat yourself a little and buy your very own personal submarine for the holidays this year? It might take a little bit of saving but imagine gliding through the tropical seas of the world in one of these, exploring the underwarer worlds!

    In fact exploring underwater been so fun and easy than with one of these! These two man crafts are built with the user’s enjoyment and comfort in mind! You might need to arrange transport and plan out every use but come on; it’s your own submarine! Do you want to be the only guy on the beach without a private sub? I know I don’t and when you can get this close to natures wonders with one how could you not buy one!


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