• Top 10 Expat and Travel Gadgets

    Posted by Stephen Whitfield


    Gone are the days when a returning traveller would have to regale friends and family with crude drawings and journal entries of their adventure! It’s 2015 and if you want to show friends live video footage of yourself and your fellow nomads feeding elephants in Malaysia then you can.

    Whether you consider yourself a traveller or an expat; in the age of technology there are countless tools and gadgets to make  it easier to connect with others around the world and integrate into new surroundings.

    The expert team of health insurance advisors at Medibroker help people around the world get the right health insurance for their time abroad, and we've learned a few things about what else makes expats' lives overseas easier. Here's our countdown of the Top 10 most useful tools and gadgets for modern expats!

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    10 - Skype: Free

    Skype is somewhat of a basic tool for expats and travellers now but in terms of international video chat, it’s a tough one to beat! It’s free to set up and provides an easy way to video chat with other users and if you want to call land-lines you can even buy Skype credit to makes calls at competitive rates.

    Website here




    9 – WhatsApp: Free

    Yet another great way to connect with people worldwide is WhatsApp. With the recent Facebook buyout it's become more or less a household name. The mobile app lets you send text and multimedia messages to other users via an internet connection. This way you don’t run up large phone bills but does require mobile data so be sure to keep check of your usage!

    Website here



    8 Franklin translator: From around £20 - £200+

    Franklin is the first and last name in pocket translators and have built a real reputation as such. This is not to say that you shouldn’t make an effort to learn the local language - you 100% should. However pocket translators are great for helping you on your way and indispensable in emergency situations if your language skills are limited.

    Website here



    7 – Pocket Guide App: Free

    The pocket guide app is another smart phone application which opens up a depth of first-hand knowledge about locations around the world. Users can select a city from a list and from there access guided tours about that area. There is also the ability to pay for further features such as audio and virtual content. It’s totally worth taking a look and seeing what you can get from the app!

    Website here



    6 - JCB tough phone: From around £100

    Your iPhone may look and work great, but they are far from durable! The JCB tough phone is a must for any hardened traveler who loves the outdoor life and the activities that come with it! Being dust proof and shock proof amongmany other things makes this phone the ideal gadget for the active or accident prone types.

    Website here



    5 - Twitter: Free

    Again maybe a given, but twitter is an absolutely fantastic way to get advice and network with other travelers and expats from around the world! It's become a valuable soical tool for uniting people and forging friendships around the world.

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    4 - kindle: From around £60

    Choosing which book to pack in your 20kg baggage allowance is every readers' pet peeve. The Amazon Kindle removes the challenge,  letting you download masses of digital ebooks to the device meaning you don’t have to fill a rucksack full of paperbacks! As an added feature that your hard copies can't compete with, the specially designed screen makes reading in any light an absolute pleasure.

    Website here


    3 - Waterproof Bags: From around £7

    Unless you're lucky enough to live where the sun always shines, there is just no predicting the weather! If you spend a lot of time in climates that can change from sunshine to rain and back again within the space of five minutes, or you want to keep your camera safe while you're kayaking; it’s worth investing in some water proof bags for your valuables such as mobile phones, money etc… They are cheap as chips and are worth every penny!

    Example bags here



    2 - Go Pro: From around £170

    If you want to share your experiences with friends and family in glorious 1080p then the GoPro action camera is a must. Although it comes with a hefty price tag the camera is specifically designed for the great outdoors and there is a range of optional extras to meet your needs. They have been tried and tested everywhere from dirt cars, the sea bed…and recently even from a plane into a pig's mouth!

    Website here


    1 - USB Necklace

    Although relatively unseen, this is a number one favorite expat and travel gadget. The concept is basically a small USB storage device concealed in a necklace. If you end up lost or in a sticky situation you can store a virtual survival pack on here including basic contact and personal details, relevant passwords to any websites or programs and for the super prepared, a translated document explaining that you're lost and need help to get back to [insert wherever you're staying] in the local language. These are very cheap on Ebay and many travellers love the idea of a virtual safety net! They come in a huge variety of styles which look awesome.

    Example necklace here

    We hope our list of the best ten travel gadgets has excited and inspired you. However,  always remember that if people traveled the world in the Victorian age so can you, so don’t forget to lower the smart phone and take everything in and embrace what it really means to be an expat or traveller!

    Author Stephen Whitfield - 

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