• The wonderful world of Chinatown, Bangkok

    Posted by Stephen Whitfield

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    Chinatown Bangkok (Yaowarat in Thai) is an old city center where Chinese migrants settled when they first came to Bangkok. Its old style buildings and narrow alleys tell a tale of culture and history. It’s quite similar to China Towns in other countries; minus the smell of fish sauce. This area of Bangkok is a great experience for people in Thailand who haven’t visited China or Hong Kong to can get a glimpse of their diverse culture.


    Chinatown wakes up to the sound of old Vespa scooters. The strong workhouse engine of a Vespa suits the old Chinese traders who load up their scooters with goods. Chinatown is a lively market where sellers and buyers all crowd into the narrow and busy lanes. You can find many eateries - dim sum, seafood shops and market areas spread throughout the Chinatown.

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    Chinatown comes alive at 6 am with street vendors pushing their carts to sell snacks, Chinese desserts, juice and fruits on the street and everyone is open for business until 8 or 9 at night. Chinatown not only offers cheap food but you can also find some more expensive restaurants serving specific cuisine as well - a big favourite with expats in Thailand.

    From electronics markets to the famous wholesale Sampheng market – a huge variety of merchandise can be bought in Bangkok's answer to Shanghai. Transactions are done in the blink of an eye, with buyers stocking up their pile of goods on their Vespa and speeding away when they see fit. With Tuk-Tuks everywhere in the streets it’s easy to go to any part of Chinatown for a decent price. It’s always good to have a guide in a new area and who else could be a better guide than the man behind the wheel.

    Image by Shaon Diwakar from Flickr

    In the evening this place lights up with typical Chinese neon lights and many food stalls setting up shops on the sidewalks and spilling into the street with their stoves, grills, pushcarts, stalls, tables and chairs. Cars honking, people barking orders – it’s a busy street at night with chefs cooking fresh food to order. They sell all sorts of food items from roasted chestnuts to noodles and soups.

    Some famous restaurants in the area are “Himali Cha Cha” which has been in Chinatown for more than 40 years serving some of the best Indian cuisine in Bangkok. Hua Seng Hong is another famous restaurant serving seafood and desserts.

    Chinatown in Bangkok is an interesting area to consider visiting. Its messy, crowded nature will take you to another world. It’s particularly interesting to people who have never been to a Chinese city before. Even if you don’t fancy eating on the streets this place is still worth a visit.

    Author:  Mani K 

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