• More countries welcome Netflix

    Posted by Dannielle Noonan


    The latest good news for expats

    Spain is a popular destination among expats young and old but no matter what your age, it’s likely that if you move abroad, you’re going to miss some of your favourite TV shows.

    Good news – Netflix is going to be made available in Spain on 20th October!

    It will also take over Italian and Portugese screens, as part of its plan for international expansion. Launching in these countries will effectively open up a potential market of over 19 million households for Netflix.


    Netflix is currently available in more than 50 countries and has over 62 million subscribers globally and it has so far proven to be a lifesaver for people living abroad who ache for the sounds and sights of home.

    The movie and TV streaming service announced in June that they would take to Spanish screens in June. This comes after Netflix ignored Espana in their European expansion last year, leaving expatriates living in Spain feeling frustrated.

    Netflix CEO Neil Hunt assured Spain interview with newspaper El Periodico that they would soon be able to enjoy the service for similar price as the rest of Europe.

    The service will cost from €7.99 per month and users will be able to access Netflix's expansive catalogue of everything from the latest blockbuster releases, to documentaries and television series, including Netflix originals such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

    To watch HD-quality videos on a maximum of two devices simultaneously, Spaniards would pay €8.99 per month. And to watch movies and shows in 4K - or ultra high definition - on a maximum of four screens at once, Spaniards would pay €11.99.

    However the company has not yet officially agreed prices so they may be subject to change.

    Hunt said that most devices sold in Spain within the past 18 months will be Netflix-compatible when the service starts up as TV manufacturers have been prepping their devices in anticipation of Netflix's Spanish launch.

    Rumour has it that people living in Japan will also welcome Netflix later this year. They also, unsurprisingly, have their sights on China but they face numerous hurdles around licensing.

     We’ll keep you updated.

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