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    Posted by Dannielle Noonan


    With a multicultural society, a low cost of living, excellent education facilities and one of the gulf region’s highest quality healthcare systems; Bahrain is becoming an attractive destination for expatriates, and Medibroker has taken steps to make moving to Bahrain easier.

    The independent international health insurance advisors at Medibroker have been finding health cover and providing ongoing support for corporate groups with a workforce in Bahrain since 1998 and we are proud to announce that we can now also find cover for individual workers in Bahrain.

    Medibroker’s ability to find health cover for expats in Bahrain will provide increased flexibility to individual and corporate clients in the region, particularly multinationals with employees posted across different Arab countries or whose employees frequently work across these countries. With compliant cover in Bahrain, expats will also be able to access healthcare if they travel outside the region.

    For both individuals working abroad and international companies who have a workforce overseas; healthcare is an important factor to consider because different countries’ health systems and facilities can vary widely. Like many countries in the Gulf region, Bahrain has complex visa regulations concerning private healthcare and the provision of international private medical insurance, so it’s a good idea to use a broker to ensure you get an appropriate plan. We can help if you need cover for dependents in Bahrain.

    Research from Aviva’s forthcoming Relocations Report reveals that over 58% of employers consider local rules and regulations as the biggest challenge when relocating employees or sending them on foreign assignments. Individuals moving to the island can find it even more confusing. By trusting Medibroker’s experienced team to look after your company's health insurance, you will be guided through Bahrain’s complex health insurance legislation by professionals and benefit from ongoing support.

    Bahrain is rated 8th for expat healthcare in the world. Contact Medibroker to ensure you can access the best healthcare in Bahrain.

    The government of Bahrain views healthcare as integral to the Kingdom’s evolution into a service-oriented economy, a place where high skilled practitioners and comprehensive facilities are the norm. Bahrain boasts a modern, technologically-advanced and comprehensive healthcare system with highly qualified medical practitioners; just one of the reasons more people are choosing to move to Bahrain for work.

    Key benefits of using Medibroker to find IPMI in Bahrain:

    • Fully compliant with local regulations thanks to our access to local suppliers.
    • Our team’s collective experience in finding the best international health cover for expats all over the world means you are in safe hands.
    • Flexible benefits - high levels of cover and the option of adding Maternity cover (in the UAE maternity is a mandatory requirement)
    • Clarity – clear benefit terms for complete peace of mind
    • Easy claims process
    • Our insurers offer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

    The core cover complies with Bahrain’s visa requirements of: In-patient & Day-patient Care (accommodation, specialist treatment costs etc), an International Cancer Pledge, Out-patient Care (covers the costs for up to 10 speech therapy sessions, on referral by a specialist, following a hospital admission for trauma or stroke), Additional Benefits such as pregnancy complications, everyday healthcare like prescriptions and consultations in Bahrain, Condition Management and Evacuation & Emergency Assistance. Our clients will also benefit from a wide range of features if they travel outside this region.

    Our experienced sales advisors will guide you in expanding from the core health cover in Bahrain to add dental care and Additional Out-patient & Alternative Therapies & Wellbeing and Maternity to your international health insurance plan.

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    Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0) 191 270 3034

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