• Make 2015 the Year You Move Abroad

    Posted by Dannielle Noonan

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    Are you tired of being just another bleary pair of eyes on the underground or another set of headlights stuck in rush hour traffic? Do you dream of escaping the 9-5 life and relocating to foreign lands where troubles melt like lemon drops? Perhaps you feel your home country has little to offer you, or that the grass will always be greener on the other side.

    You're not alone. Over 1.16 million British people are currently overseas, and 4000 more depart each week to seek a different lifestyle abroad. At Medibroker, our team of international health insurance advisors help people who are building their own better reality in a different country find the best medical insurance plan for their needs.

    With its lousy weather, rising crime rate and grim economy, Britain is no longer the attractive nation it once was. So whether Spain is calling your name, the Middle East is appealing to your love of luxury, or Singapore is singing out to you; make 2015 the year you take the leap.

    Still making excuses? Read our reasons to move abroad this year.

    1. The time may never be ‘right’.

    Maybe when you've saved up a little more. Maybe when the kids are older. Maybe when your boss finally pushes you over the edge. Ask yourself why you aren't allowing yourself to chase your dreams. What are you waiting for? These excuses will only be renewed by a new set of apprehensions.

    No matter how long you wait or which milestone you feel needs overcoming before you can pack up, there will always be something else to take its place. There will never be a perfect time to make a change, so make 2015 the year you take the plunge.


    1. The weather.

    This one needs no explanation. The great British weather is often cited as expats' main reason for abandoning the UK. Frostbitten fingers, rocketing heating bills and visible breath in the mornings - British winters are getting harsher. Doesn't alfresco dining, a healthy glow and swapping your boots for flip flops sound like a better alternative?

    Start chasing the sun now and you may never need that thermal onesie again.


    1. Never regret.

    Who was it that said that all you can hope for is to never have to look back and regret the things you didn’t do? The only way to silence that niggling voice in your head and quell your cravings for other cultures is to satisfy them. Take the risk involved in relocating. At least if your new life abroad doesn't work out, you can reconcile yourself with the comforting knowledge that you tried.

    Give your happiness a chance. Don't repeat the same year 75 times and call it a life.



    1. The rat race is unrewarding.

    We’re all working harder than ever and it’s becoming the norm to slave in the office as the sun goes down. Working longer hours and having no time to reap the rewards will leave you unfulfilled and worn out. Similarly, the rising cost of living means less cash to spend on enjoying the little free time you do have.

    You may often think to yourself, ‘There has to be another way to live”. There is.


    1. Job prospects.

    If you have marketable skills, you may be able to earn more in a different country and benefit from better working conditions as well as a higher salary. International corporations with offices in, for example, Dubai, often offer accommodation and perks such as international health insurance.

    The pull for expats with skills and experience in technology and finance is also intensifying as the Emirate takes steps to decrease its reliance on oil, meaning 2015 is the year to get a job in Dubai.


    1. The economy

    Rising property prices and the high cost of living can make it a struggle to stay afloat in the UK. We've all seen the extortionate rents for tiny rooms in London. The sad fact is that this is what young professionals are having to deal with if they want to start their career in England's capital, the hub of the UK's business activity.

    Why not avoid the negatives that come with the British career scene and build your experience in Tokyo, Bahrain or Johannesburg?



    1. You can always come back.

    Your current boss may be able to arrange a transfer for you, or even be willing to let you take an extended career break to move overseas. Try it for a year, or even just a month. Who says you have to stay? However, it's important to remember that a transition like moving abroad takes time to adjust to. If you really can't settle, repatriation isn't impossible.

    Wondering if you have the determination to make a life abroad work? Read our list of the qualities you need to succeed as an expat.


    1. It’s never been easier.

    It's a small world and thanks to modern technology, it's getting even smaller. Opportunities to work and live abroad are easy to come by thanks to LinkedIn and job sites - are you using these tools to expand your horizons?

    Plan your move online with sites like Expat Essentials and keep in touch with home using Skype and social media. These tools are all there to help us become more globally mobile – use them!


    1. What have you got to lose?

    An uninspiring job and a landscape you dream of escaping. Is it really that big a sacrifice to swap a year of your monotonous life for one that you will remember forever as the time you chased your dreams? Is financial security and familiarity worth misery?

    Expats all over the world are enjoying their decision to move abroad. What are you waiting for?

    Before you go, it’s important to ensure you get health cover that complies with your new country’s visa laws. Contact one of our friendly, experienced team of international health insurance advisors today to get a free quote. Our advice is completely free and impartial. Furthermore, we work in your best interest to find an international medical plan tailored to your needs.

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