• Imported British Chocolate Banned in America

    Posted by Dannielle Noonan


    Bad news for sweet toothed British expats in America

    We recently wrote an article on the British foods that expats miss the most, and our results showed that Cadbury's chocolate was a definite favourite among expats all over the world. This means that last week's agreement made between leading British goods import company Let's Buy British Imports (L.B.B) and American confectioner Hershey's to stop importing Cadbury's chocolate made in Britain will leave a sour taste in the mouths of expats in America.

    Toffee Crisps, KitKats, Maltesers and Yorkies made in Britain will also no longer be imported to America, and British expats in the States can look forward to an Easter devoid of Creme Eggs this year.

    This harsh move is due to the fact that Hershey's will no longer stand for companies like L.B.B importing products not intended for sale in the U.S, in order to protect their own trademark rights. However, chocoholics in America have read between the lines and found that it's still legal to import Cadbury's for personal use!

    Hershey’s has a licensing agreement to exclusively manufacture Cadbury’s chocolate in the United States, and is tired of Brits choosing chocolate from across the pond over the locally made version.

    As for the other banned treats? It's all about the packaging. The American confectionery giant claims that Toffee Crisp's orange wrapper is too similar to its own Reese's Pieces, and could confuse customers looking for the peanut butter treat. Yorkies are also on the hit list, because they look too similar to Hershey's Peppermint Patties.

    While British expats in America can still buy Cadbury's that has been manufactured in the U.S, any Brit who has tasted a bar of the American version will know it's a sad replica of our beloved British brand.

    Masquerading as the British version in its familiar purple wrapper, the American Dairy Milk uses a different recipe - and any Brit with fond memories of Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons and boxes of Roses at Christmas can detect the difference. One bite into the US 'candy' reveals a chalky texture and stale aftertaste. This is due to the emulsifiers used in the American version that give the chocolate a longer shelf life. The British original uses vegetable fat. Surprisingly, the British version has a higher fat content; giving our chocolate a pleasing melt in the mouth quality, while the products made in America are higher in sugar. The result is an unpleasant coating on the roof of the mouth and an unsatisfied craving for British expats in America.

    Irish import stores are likely to suffer a huge loss of sales as a result of the new rules, as a large part of their business relies on providing Irish expats with treats from home. Many British import retailers in America refuse to sell customers Hershey's products, claiming it isn't a patch on good old British chocolate - and many savvy Americans also prefer their chocolate fix to come from across the Atlantic.

    We asked some expats about their thoughts on the difference between authentic British Dairy Milk and its American copycat.

    "Not a patch on the real thing. It's hard to describe. The American chocolate can be quite powdery. There's just something missing! "

    It's not all bad news - British expats in America can still get their favourite sugar fix. A spokesperson from Bob's Corner Shop, who ship to direct to customers for personal use and are not a wholesaler supplying shops in the USA, said,

    "At the moment the ban won't effect us and we will continue to send Cadbury Chocolate to our USA customers.
    Can't have them missing out can we :)"


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