• Expat Interview - A New Life in Bangkok

    Posted by Stephen Whitfield

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    Thailand is becoming an increasingly popular destination for people looking to experience a different way of life, and it isn't difficult to see why. Gap year travellers and long term road trippers go for the culture, the warm welcome and the beaches; but more and more people are choosing to make the move permanent and build a new life in the country. Medibroker can find the best health insurance plan for people planning a move to Thailand, and we work hard to understand our clients' needs. As part of our Expat Interview series, we chatted to Anna about her life in Bangkok.


    What first made you want to move country?

    I always regretted not going travelling after university, but at the time I didn't have the confidence that I eventually gained in the world of work. I used to spend my lunch hours reading travel blogs and fantasising about my own round the world trip and in particular had a yearning for Asia.

    When I was 31 my boyfriend was asked how he felt about relocating to Bangkok and we both agreed it was something we were keen to do. I had been a lawyer for ten years by then and I was ready for a new challenge. 18 months later and we were here! We split up a few months later, but at the same time I received a job offer, was enjoying living in Bangkok and had made some nice friends so I decided to stay and give things a go on my own.


    What was your biggest worry about the move?

    I think I worried more after I made the move! I had never lived abroad before and being an expat is very different to being on holiday. It only really struck me once we were living here and I got over the initial excitement of what I had really got myself into it. That for me was when the worrying started: how was I going to make friends, learn the language, get a job, find my way around, cope with the heat, cope with feeling homesick?


    What made you choose Thailand over anywhere else?

    It was where the employment opportunity arose, although if I had the choice of living anywhere I think that I still would have picked Thailand because it’s such a diverse country. Bangkok itself is amazing, the North is beautiful and the beaches are just fantastic.


    How long did the move take from first deciding you were taking the leap?

    Around 18 months, but that was mainly due to the logistics of setting up my ex-boyfriend's new company here and not for any other reason.


    What did your family and friends say when you told them you were leaving?

    My family always knew how much I wanted to travel and so were not surprised, although they had natural concerns about giving up my career. My friends were more shocked, but were also envious and impressed at the thought of my new adventure.



    What is your most memorable experience so far?

    Wow, so many! Probably seeing dolphins in the sea when I was on my way to Koh Samui. I had to do a double take when I saw the fins splashing around in the water. Only myself and one other person noticed, and it felt such a special moment.


    Do you think you will move to another country in the future?

    I am happy in Thailand at the moment, but I would never rule out another experience elsewhere!

    What advice would you give people thinking about starting a new life in another country?

    Just do it! All the clichés are true so I won’t trot them out, but you will have experiences and it will change your thinking in a way that is difficult to explain. It’s always important to remember that it doesn't have to be forever there is no shame in giving something a try and going home if it is not for you - at least you will know!

    Written by Anna from Bangkok Girl

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