• Eco-Adventures in Thailand

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    When we hear about Thailand, the first thing that comes into our minds is its exotic beaches and crazy, mesmerizing night life; but Thailand is more than a holiday destination for party animals and sun worshippers.

    Responsible travel in Thailand is appealing to more and more tourists who want to immerse themselves in the local environment and community without leaving their mark. If you're thinking about taking a trip to Thailand and want to avoid the littered post Full Moon Party beach scene and the gaudy fluorescent vests, why not visit one of the country's many unspoiled islands or experience the alternative travel experiences in Thailand?

    Health insurance experts Medibroker teamed up with holiday search engine Zizzee.com to bring you the best eco-adventures in Thailand.

    Eco-Friendly Thai Islands

    Koh Yao Noi
     is one of the favorite eco-destinations in Thailand, though travellers should make it a priority because the threat of development is set to alter the island's quiet refuge from the hum of nearby Phuket. Islanders strive to preserve Thai traditions and culture, which makes Koh Yao Noi a great place to sample authentic Thailand. Koh Yao Noi's friendly residents offer a unique home-stay program, and responsible travellers will love the island's simple tranquility.

    Koh Lao Liang is a tiny island that offers travellers in Thailand an unrivaled sense of isolation. The island's sole accommodation is an eco-resort where visitors can stay in safari style tents - and Koh Lao Liang guarantees you won't have to fight for a space on an overcrowded beach.

    Phang Nga Bay is also famous for its caves, and visitors can spend an idyllic day canoeing around the iconic limestone giants that were made famous by James Bond movies.

    Khao Lak is bouncing back from the 2004 tsunami. The island is calmer than other coastal destinations in Thailand and visitors can enjoy full day tours with activities like bamboo rafting and jungle walks through the lush rain forest.


    Responsible Elephant Experiences

    Animal lovers should head north to Chiang Mai where the Elephant Nature Park is situated. Ran by Lek, an acclaimed animal rescuer, the park is a refuge for elephants rescued from the Thai tourism industry. Rather than riding the animals and contributing to elephant tourism in Thailand, visitors at the Nature Park can feed and bathe the majestic animals, and learn about the cruel methods some animal trainers use.

    Hill tribe trekking is another option for Eco-tourism  in Chiang Mai. Observe the lifestyle of an authentic tribe community in a rural setting and learn about their culture.


    Flight of the Gibbon

    This is another rain forest adventure which can be enjoyed in Chiang Mai, Pattaya or Bangkok. Get ready to experience nature's amusement park! Flight of the Gibbon is consistently ranked as one of the top adventure activities in Thailand; where you can take a zip line tour of a real jungle gym in the Thai rain forest.

    Rain forest obstacle course

    The 19 station obstacle course in the jungle in Chonburi near Bangkok gives responsible travellers in Thailand a chance to spot over 8000 animals in their natural habitat from its swings and bridges. The company also provides a tram tour of Khao Kheow Wildlife Park.

    Khao Kheow Forest and Wildlife Park

    Don't be confused by the numerous different spellings of this park - alternate western spellings are Khao Kheeo, Khao Kaeo, Khao Khieo and Khao Kheo (Welcome to Thailand!).

    The open Zoo is home to more than 300 different species from around the world and a highlight is the night safari. The zoo also allows activities like feeding, trekking on foot and camping for those who want to really experience Thai nature - without  air conditioning!


    The Bangkok Tree House

    This stylish eco-hotel is a world away from the traffic heavy streets of the city - it doesn't even have road access! Outdoor showers with bamboo curtains, open nest rooms where you can sleep under the stars, and bicycles for guests to explore the Bangkok jungle's lush vegetation - Bangkok Tree House is is the ultimate stylish eco holiday in Thailand.

    Cycling Tours

    There are many companies in Bangkok offering an eco-friendly way to explore the urban and rural areas of Thailand, and cycling is enjoyable for all ages and fitness levels. Along the way you will meander through Bangkok's heartbeat, taking in the daily life of the locals and meeting new people.

    There are many tours based on your preferences, such as an historical city tour, river and jungle tour or food tasting tour.

    If you're planning an eco-holiday in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, you will need the right insurance. Contact Medibroker today to find the right plan for your needs. Our insurance advice is unbiased and free.

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