More countries welcome Netflix

07 October 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Expats' favourite TV streaming service Netflix is branching out to Portugal, Spain and Italy.

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World's best countries for work-life balance

23 September 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

We all want a better work-life balance. Medibroker have put together the best relocation destinations for a superior lifestyle.

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15 ways to tell if you’ve culturally adapted to Spain

09 September 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

A hilarious guest post from new expat Aussie mum Toni. Signs that you've adapted to life in Spain!

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7 ways to heal a British expat's homesickness

07 September 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Homesickness. It catches up with every expat at some point but the kind guys at British Corner Shop have shared some tips for beating that expat yearning for home.

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Expat Guide to Living in Ecuador

02 September 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Everything expats need to know about moving to Ecuador including geography, culture and healthcare information from the global health insurance experts at Medibroker. 

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One thing no HR Manager will ever tell you when relocating

28 August 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Dealing with expat grief or depression after a relocation overseas can be difficult for everyone involved. Read this expert's insight into coping with change.

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Best Destinations for Professional Expats in Africa

14 August 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Expats working in Africa are among the world's highest earners. If you're planning to move to Africa for work, read Medibroker International's guide to the best expat destinations.

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The Ultimate Moving Abroad Check List

12 August 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

A comprehensive check list to help you prepare to move overseas including packing tips, dealing with paperwork and moving abroad with children. Brought to you by the expat health insurance experts.

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How Living Abroad Makes You More Employable

29 July 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Travel and living abroad doesn't have to mean sacrificing your career. International experience breeds a lot of transferable skills that will help you in future job applicatons.

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Moving Abroad & Looking After Your Health

22 July 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

A guide to planning how you will take care of your health when you move abroad to start a new life as an expat. Purchasing international health insurance for your move is key.

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Expat Interview: Living in Hong Kong

22 June 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Australian expat Jasmine tells Medibroker about expat life in Hong Kong.

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Expat Health in Nigeria

16 June 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Expats living in Nigeria are the highest earners, but  it was also uncovered that expats in Africa work the longest hours, often logging 48 hour working weeks – and this can translate to health problems. It's vital people living in Nigeria have comprehensive health cover. 

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Expat Interview: Planning a Move Abroad

15 June 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Alexandria Drake, blogger at A Modern Girl's Travels, tells Medibroker how she's preparing for her move to a mystery location!

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Where to travel 2015

05 May 2015 by Stephen Whitfield

With the countless comparison sites and other internet resources, traveling is becoming more and more available to everyone. So here are our top 5 places to visit in 2015.

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10 Best Expat Blogs

13 April 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

These bloggers are popular because they talk about the expatriate experience truthfully and offer a wealth of advice, information and inspiration both to people planning a new life abroad and to those who already have their feet firmly planted in foreign soil.

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Bern: The Best City in Europe for Expats

10 April 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Bern, the capital of Switzerland, has been named the most ‘liveable’ city in Europe for expatriates.

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5 Reasons Why Life in the Italian Countryside is Better than Life in the British Countryside

08 April 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

In our twice weekly #ExpatHour twitter chats with people who have built a new life abroad, expats often tell us that weather and lifestyle are a motivating factor when it comes to choosing a country to move to. We asked Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, Founder of property company Appassionata, what makes her new landscape in Italy so much better than Blighty.

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Moving to Bahrain: The Definitive Guide

12 March 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Connected to Saudi Arabia via the King Fahad Causeway and close to Qatar; Bahrain is currently home to around 12,000 British expatriates. With an overall population of around 1.3 million, of which over half are non-nationals; Eastern and Western culture blend together in the archipelago, making it a veritable paradise for people seeking a new life overseas.

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Best Places to Live in New Zealand for Expats

23 February 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Wine, rugby and stunning scenery… what’s stopping you moving to New Zealand?

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Make 2015 the Year You Move Abroad

17 February 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Do you dream of escaping the 9-5 life and relocating to foreign lands where troubles melt like lemon drops? Perhaps you feel your home country has little to offer you, or that the grass will always be greener on the other side.

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6 Qualities You Need to Become an Expat

11 February 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Moving abroad isn't always a walk in the park, even if that park is in a much better climate than the one you left behind. Whether you choose Australia for the weather, Dubai for the career prospects or Thailand for the culture; any move abroad has its downsides.

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Expats in Cuba Welcome Netflix

10 February 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

People living abroad often cite their favourite TV shows as the things they miss the most overseas and while Netflix makes it easy for people all over the world to tune into their favourite TV series, expats in Cuba have been missing out on entertainment from home – until now.

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Five Important Questions to ask Yourself when Choosing an International School

06 February 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

For families with children moving abroad, education is naturally a pressing concern. What sort of education options are available? How do you enroll? 

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9 Best Apps for International Business Travel

03 February 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Working abroad can pose difficulties for the savviest international businessperson. While long-haul flights can leave even seasoned travellers bleary-eyed in the boardroom, the yearning desire for home comforts can also make working overseas challenging.

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Eco-Adventures in Thailand

30 January 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

When we hear about Thailand, the first thing that comes into our minds is its exotic beaches and crazy, mesmerizing night life; but Thailand is more than a holiday destination for party animals and sun worshipers.

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Imported British Chocolate Banned in America

26 January 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Last week's agreement made between leading British goods import company Let's Buy British Imports (L.B.B) and American confectioner Hershey's to stop importing Cadbury's chocolate made in Britain will leave a sour taste in the mouths of expats in America.

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5 fantastic reasons you should move abroad

05 November 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

So you’re tired of your 9-5 lifestyle and you’re beginning to think maybe you should start living life the way you want to. Moving abroad is a lifestyle change that makes so much sense, but there’s still something holding you back.

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6 Super Fun Destinations In Australia

14 October 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

There's a reason the land down under is a prime destination on everybody's travel bucket list. Australia boasts numerous natural wonders and has something that appeals to every kind of tourist...

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Top Restaurants in Bangkok

26 September 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

Expats and travellers in Thailand rave about Bangkok's street food, but dining out in a city as awesome as Bangkok is also a great way to explore the diverse Thai culture and flavours.

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7 Cheap hotels in Bangkok

12 August 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

Thailand is a top choice because it offers budget backpackers and expats relatively cheap living costs compared to its Eastern counterparts. Bangkok is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand, and has an array of options when it comes to a place to lay your weary head.

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Top Expat Destinations 2014

25 July 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

Thousands of people have decided to move their lives overseas to chase better salaries, a higher standard of living, new experiences and much more. So which destinations were most popular for expats in 2014?

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Top 5 Mind Blowing Luxury Travel Accessories

03 July 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

Frequent flyers no longer have to make do with sipping lukewarm water over a dog-eared book on a 12 hour flight. International travel is becoming easier and more accessible than ever, meaning there's a huge market for luxury travel accessories.

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The wonderful world of Chinatown, Bangkok

20 June 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

Chinatown Bangkok (Yaowarat in Thai) is an old city center where Chinese migrants settled when they first came to Bangkok. Its old style buildings and narrow alleys tell a tale of culture and history.

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South East Asia's deadly Methanol alcohol

18 June 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

A good friend of mine (Let's call him Colin) recently went on a trip around the world, spending some time in South East Asia. What he wasn't to know was that what should have been an experience of a lifetime would take a severe turn for the worse.

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Best Places for Expats to Live in Thailand

28 May 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

Are you tired of “paying your dues” at your job? Are you bored of the 9 – 5 corporate world?

You know what I’m talking about: the traditional understanding that loyalty in a job will eventually pay off and lead to a better life.

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Three moves to make when you feel out of place

19 April 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

An expat comes to a new country, city or neighbourhood and feels out of place automatically.

Global citizens feel ‘out of place’ at the beginning of their global journey, all the way through, and when they come ‘home’ again.

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Top 10 Expat and Travel Gadgets

02 April 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

Gone are the days when a returning traveller would have to regale friends and family with crude drawings and journal entries of their adventure! It’s 2015 and if you want to show friends live video footage of yourself and your fellow nomads feeding elephants in Malaysia then you can.

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6 Seemingly Obvious Facts every Expat Should Know about Singapore

02 April 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

From extremely humid morning sun, to a gloomy and rainy afternoon, to smoky, starless night sky; Singapore is predictable in its unpredictable weather...

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The ultimate guide to moving abroad - Deciding where to move

25 March 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

Choosing where to move abroad can be difficult and you must always keep an even balance between your head and your heart, maybe sometimes even swaying towards your head!

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Five things they won’t tell you about moving abroad

28 February 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

1) You will eat lots of humble pie as you stumble around in your new surroundings learning things...

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5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Became An Expat

18 February 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

I have lived in Bangkok for a little over 18 months now. The time has flown by so far, and there are days I cannot remember what it was like not to live here. I moved to Bangkok when I was 31....

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Top 5 Mistakes Made By Rookie Travellers

14 February 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

According to Fox News, one of the worst mistakes made by American travellers is the assumption that nobody else speaks English abroad. 

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