Childbirth while moving across cultures

30 September 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Having a baby abroad is a huge decision. We asked the blogger Lisa from Knocked Up Abroad to share some information and advice.

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Why don't people buy health insurance?

16 September 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Too many people who are living in a country without good public healthcare are foregoing health insurance plans in an effort to save money.

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10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health Right Now

15 July 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Give your health and well being a boost with these 10 things you can do anytime, anywhere. From eye exercises to deeper breathing, you can do these things right now to feel your best self.

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Why you should use a broker to buy health insurance

08 July 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Health insurance is a complex, expensive product. You should always talk to a professional about your specific needs, and brokers offer added customer service that a faceless comparison site can't.

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No Insurance? No Visa. Dubai's New Rules

02 July 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

HR executives for companies with staff in Dubai must get their workforce complaint health insurance to ensure they can keep or get visas for Dubai.

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Crowd Funded Health Insurance in Uganda

18 June 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

In Uganda, poor medical provisions and lack of staff makes good healthcare an issue. Rita is a nurse from the UK running a crowd funded medical insurance scheme to improve health in the mountain villages of the region.

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Thailand Confirms First MERS Case

18 June 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

The first case of MERS has been confirmed in Thailand, following outbreaks in South Korea, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. Health insurance experts advise people to avoid affected areas.

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MERS is on the increase

03 June 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has broken out in South Korea after a man travelled from four GCC countries to South Korea. Medibroker give words of advice to people living in Saudi Arabia and South Korea about how to protect themselves against the virus.

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Local Cover versus International Health Insurance: What's the Difference?

28 May 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Many expats think a local health plan will be enough to cover them should they need medical attention abroad. However, have you considered a plan that travels with you whenever you leave your expat country and protects you better in the long term? Health insurance experts at Medibroker International share why we recommend expats buy international health insurance.

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Adventurous Expats: Meet Cathy O'Dowd

14 May 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Medibroker chats to our client Cathy O'Dowd, extreme sport pro and the first woman to summit Mount Everest from both sides!

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Is Your Employee Benefits Package Good Enough?

08 May 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Questions to ask about your employee benefits package and the extent of medical cover it provides, especially if you are going on an international assignment.

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Expat Interview: Travelling with a Pre-Existing Condition

05 May 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Travelling with a pre-existing condition can be complicated. A medical practitioner and travel blogger with a chronic illness explains how to manage it.

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How the Health Tourism Crackdown Affects British Expats

30 April 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

A crack down on ‘health tourists’ coming to Britain to take advantage of the NHS also signals bad news for Britons living overseas - here's how to ensure your health is covered

 wherever you are.

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The Risks of being Abroad without Health Insurance

17 March 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

When you're planning a trip abroad or even relocating to another country, insurance can be pushed to the back of your mind as the excitement of packing takes over. However, as insurance experts, Medibroker have seen cases of people going abroad without insurance go catastrophically wrong.

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How to Prepare for a Hurricane

10 March 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

Having lived on two Caribbean islands, Clara Wiggins has first-hand experience of surviving several hurricanes. This includes being in Jamaica when it was hit by force 5 Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and later coming home to a flooded house after Hurricane Tomas in St Lucia in 2010. Here, she gives her advice on what to do if you find yourself living in the path of giant storm.

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Insurance for Expats in Hostile Countries

26 February 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

If you are relocating to a country in which security is an issue, it's vital that you have the right international health insurance.

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Healthcare in Johannesburg: What Expats Need to Know

20 February 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

The greenest city in South Africa offers many benefits for expats looking for a slower pace and a bona fide safari on their doorstep.

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The Cost of Having a Baby Abroad

17 February 2015 by Dannielle Noonan

You’re far away from home, contending with the daily challenges of living in a country that is not your own, and you’re about to start a family. Medical bills should be the last thing on your mind.

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Renewing your overseas health insurance

08 January 2015 by Stephen Whitfield

So you've purchased an international health insurance policy and your first year is up.

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Maternity cover for expats

19 December 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

A recent story about a Canadian mother being charged almost $1 million when her baby was born prematurely during a holiday in Hawaii highlights just how important health insurance is when living or travelling abroad. 

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Health Insurance News

17 December 2014 by Dannielle Noonan

In some US health plans, HIV drugs cost nearly $3,000 more per year than in other plans. If left unchecked, this practice could partially undermine a central feature of the Affordable Care Act.

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Dying Overseas - What happens next

25 November 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

Death is never an easy topic to talk about, however with old and young alike moving to greener pastures overseas to live and work it’s something that needs to be taken into consideration. 

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The difference between travel insurance and international medical insurance

13 October 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

When living or travelling abroad it’s important to get an insurance policy that’s right for you. This means understanding what types of insurance are available and exactly what you need from a plan depending on the period of time and the reason you will be overseas.

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2014 International Health Insurance Awards

27 August 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

It’s getting to that time of year again when the health insurance industry comes together to praise the achievements of exceptional companies. 

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Ebola Outbreak - Globailty Health Warning

21 August 2014 by Stephen Whitfield

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