• 9 Best Apps for International Business Travel

    Posted by Dannielle Noonan

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    Working abroad can pose difficulties for the savviest international businessperson. While long-haul flights can leave even seasoned travellers bleary-eyed in the boardroom, the yearning desire for home comforts can also make working overseas challenging.

    Fortunately, apps for business travel are making it easier for professionals to stay at the top of their game in the international office. There are plenty of apps that help travellers and fresh faced backpackers get around, but which apps should professionals working abroad have in their arsenal?

    At Medibroker our team of international health insurance advisors find the best health cover for companies with a workforce overseas and individuals moving abroad, so we've learned a thing or two about their needs. The business travel apps we have tested will help people who travel for work to integrate with their new culture and surroundings, or connect with the people they left at home. Whether you work in Dubai, Taiwan or Ecuador; download these top apps for international business travellers now.

    • Best app for keeping in touch with home – Viber

    Avoid hefty charges and stave off homesickness with Viber's free calls and texts to other users. You can also call any number (even a land line) that doesn't have Viber at low rates using ViberOut. Viber uses your phone number as your "identity" and lets you make free Viber phone calls to any of your friends who have Viber - using THEIR phone number, meaning no annoying registration process.

    • Best app for music – TuneIn

    Similar to Spotify, it’s a music focused social network - but for your favourite radio stations. If you’re missing that late night show host’s soothing tones or want a bit of familiarity during an otherwise unfamiliar drive to work in your new country; download TuneIn to listen to over 100,000 real radio stations and more than four million podcasts streaming live from every continent.

    Be more effective in your international business dealings in over 140 countries. With Go4Biz, you can educate yourself on a country's norms so that you know the correct etiquette for business meetings, tipping, gifts, health and safety and much more. With the equivalent of 50 printed pages per destination, this app is a one-stop resource for business travelers who want to avoid offending their international colleagues.

    Why add exhaustion to the list of things you’ll have to get your head around during your first few days in a new country? Monitor your body's circadian clock using your smartphone to easily adjust to new time zones and schedules – meaning you can fight with the delivery man with a full tank of steam.

    • Best app for finding hidden gems - Findery

    Impress international business partners by taking them to a local haunt in their own hometown. Unlike other apps, Findery doesn't focus on the popular restaurants or busiest bars. Instead, Findery is about uncovering hidden secrets and local knowledge, all of which is entirely sourced from Findery users' personal recommendations. Findery allows you to leave or view digital "notes" that have been secreted all over the globe by other travelers, and will add flavour to your destination.

    • Best app for enriching your experience (and your internet connection) – Outbound App

    Rapidly approaching 100,000 travelling users in almost 200 countries, Outbound is the new app uniting like-minded travellers. The best feature is a handy WI-FI finder to ensure you always have internet access (every business traveller's dream come true). This app is a must for people who want to get the most out of their time abroad.

    With over 25 million downloads, XE Currency is the most downloaded foreign exchange app. It offers international travellers live proprietary exchange rates and historical charts. Plus, it stores the last updated rates so it works even when the Internet doesn't.

    • Best app for language barriers - Codegent

    Codegent are translation apps that can be downloaded both for free, with limited use, and paid for, that includes a whole host of extra phrases. Not only does Codegent give you a text translation to use but it will verbally dictate the correct pronunciation to you. The recordings are all by native speakers and the app even stores your frequently used words and phrases. In desperate times, simply whip your phone out and let a local hear the recorded voice!

    • Best app for healthcare overseas – Doctoralia

    Your health should be your priority wherever you are. Doctoralia helps you locate doctors and medical centers near you, review others' opinions and book an appointment over the phone or online.

    Now it's time to think about your health insurance. If you are living and working abroad, you will need an international health insurance plan that complies with your country's regulations and meets your own individual needs. Contact the Medibroker team for a free, impartial quote today.


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