• 6 Qualities You Need to Become an Expat

    Posted by Dannielle Noonan


    Moving abroad isn't always a walk in the park, even if that park is in a much better climate than the one you left behind. Whether you choose Australia for the weather, Dubai for the career prospects or Thailand for the culture; any move abroad has its downsides. With an enhanced quality of life and a suntan can come language barriers and cultural confusion; but millions of expats overcome these things to find that the grass really is greener on the other side.

    Are you wondering if you are suited to expat life overseas?

    At Medibroker we help individuals and corporations find the best international health insurance plans for their needs every day and we've found that the expats we speak to all have certain qualities in common. These are the traits you need to succeed overseas; the attitudes and values that will make the stress of packing, the confusion of a new country and the anxiety of adjusting easier. Do you have all of these qualities? Book a ticket!

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    1. A sense of adventure

    Are you the kind of person who would is always eager to order an unfamiliar dish and unwittingly takes the wrong turn just to spice up your day? If you love discovering new things and don’t mind forfeiting what you have for the possibility of something better, expat life is for you. It's this quality that gives  you the courage to book that one way ticket, and will continue to serve you during your time abroad.

     How do I become more adventurous? Just pack your bags - the rest will follow!


    1. Adaptability

    Resilience is possibly the most vital quality you need to survive as an expat, particularly if your new country’s culture differs vastly from your own. When you move abroad, you may have to contend with realigning your views to consider those of the people in your new home. If you hate change, you’ll struggle to embrace your new surroundings.

    How do I stop resisting change? Make a list of all the positive changes that moving abroad will offer. Identify the ways in which your reluctance to explore other ways of life is holding you back.


    1. A positive outlook

    When your furniture gets lost on the cargo boat or the locals don’t quite get your sense of humour, the ability to laugh it off and carry on is vital for expats. Sometimes, high expectations can be the motivating factor for moving abroad.

     How do I stop being negative? Pause to take the time to delight in the small joys that a new life abroad brings, and don't let the minor mishaps phase you.


    1. Willingness to learn

    A new route to work, new surroundings and often a new language can be intimidating for people who aren't willing to learn new skills and ways of living. People who see challenges as opportunities to grow are likely to enjoy life abroad.

    How do I seize opportunities to learn? Before you go, research the country that will be your new home. As soon as you arrive in your expat destination, immerse yourself in the local culture and customs. Ask questions and allow curiosity to take over. 


    1. The ability to let go

    If you don’t like to be proven wrong, you may struggle to adapt to life in a new country. Does your hometown really do things the best way? You may be surprised, and if you insist on clinging on to beliefs that are challenged with exposure to others, you may not be pleased.

     How do I stop being so stubborn? Remember that opinion is not fact, and make an effort to understand the things your new country does differently.


    1. Selflishness

    If you feel a sense of loyalty to your employer that puts you off leaving your job or resigns you to being trapped in your current situation, you may not be self-centred enough to follow your own dreams. Making the decision to move abroad is guaranteed to rub some people the wrong way, but ultimately it’s a choice that you should make for yourself.

    How do I become selfish? Understand that you only get one life, and it's up to you how you live it. There are certain aspects of life with which you are allowed to be completely selfish and follow your own heart.

    Do you have what it takes to become an expat? If you are considering a move abroad, you will need an international health insurance plan that is compliant in your chosen country. Make sure you have the right guidance by contacting our experienced team of insurance advisors for a free quote. Our advice is impartial and we are regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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