• 5 Reasons Why Life in the Italian Countryside is Better than Life in the British Countryside

    Posted by Dannielle Noonan



    In our twice weekly #ExpatHour twitter chats with people who have built a new life abroad, expats often tell us that weather and lifestyle are a motivating factor when it comes to choosing a country to move to. We asked Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, Founder of property company Appassionata, what makes her new landscape in Italy so much better than Blighty...

    A life in the Italian countryside has so much more to offer, in my opinion, than a life in the countryside of the UK. As someone who left the UK to make the countryside of Italy’s Le Marche home, here are 5 reasons why I think the Italian countryside pips that of the UK to the post:

    • Whilst the English countryside is beautiful and idyllic, the rolling hills of Le Marche, the affordable neighbour of ever-popular Tuscany, is a tapestry of vineyards, olive groves and sunflowers, diverse and breathtaking. This was certainly one of the deciding factors for our family’s move to the countryside of Le Marche. With each passing season there is a new vista of colour and light and it never fails to amaze me.

    • Here, every inch of land is worked, from the large nurseries selling a wide variety of palm trees to the locals growing their own seasonal produce. This is something we have taken to our hearts in adapting to a new Italian way of life. Four years ago we replanted a vineyard in Montefiore dell’Aso and after 3 years it was producing the most amazing wine which is shared between the owners of our fractional properties in the region. We also extended the olive groves and planted 1,000 lavender plants, something that we would never have dreamed of doing in the UK. It is a completely different ways of life, living so closely with the land, and we love it.

    • In the UK it is often a choice between countryside OR seaside, yet in the Italian countryside you really can have it all. We live just 20 minutes from the Adriatic Sea and being able to easily enjoy all that a coastal lifestyle has to offer, without having to plan to journey for hours at a time to experience it, is wonderful. You simply cannot beat a dip in the sea under the warmth of the sun and we are very lucky to be able to have this option on our doorstep.

    • Countryside living is not just about rolling hills in this region of Italy, it is also about seriously dramatic vistas! Close-by, we have the Sibillini Mountains, part of the Apennines with peaks over 2000m, home to rare wildlife such as the Golden Eagle and the wolf, the really are a sight to behold and something that we just would not be able to experience if we were still living in the UK. Being so close to the mountains means that the air we breathe is a the perfect blend, something that you would be unlikely to get in the UK.

    • Yet, whilst the countryside of Italy really is a truly special place thanks to the views and rolling, open spaces, it is not just the vistas that make it magical. Here, beautiful surrounds combine with a traditional feel that means it really is like stepping back in time, where strangers say good morning and neighbours are always willing to help. It is an envious lifestyle and location that we are fortunate enough to call home and not something we ever came across to the same degree in the UK. We love it!

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    Appassionata are providing the opportunity for people to purchase their very own slice of life in the Italian countryside. Casa Tre Archi is a beautiful restored townhouse in the center of Petritoli in Le Marche. Part of the medieval town’s walls, and with ranging views of the surrounding hills, fractions of the property are being offered for £65,000 for five weeks usage a year.



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