• 5 foods British expats miss most

    Posted by Stephen Whitfield


    Living abroad is an exciting experience that will introduce you to people, places and cultures you would scarcely believe exist. There are countless reasons that entice Brits to move abroad, and one thing expats can enjoy in their new country is sampling the local delicacies. However, as tantalising as the crunchy tarantula served on the streets of Thailand or the exotic aromas of Middle Eastern cuisine may be, there will always be times you crave the familiar taste of home. International health insurance experts at Medibroker asked the expat community to tell us which British food and drink they would pay anything to taste again.

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    So, what are the top five foods expats miss the most?


    1. PG Tips


    A Brit drinking tea might be somewhat of a cliché but nothing says home quite like a nice cup a char!

    We all have that one cuppa that takes us right back to our living room at home, but according to Bob’s Corner Shop, PG Tips is the brand that expats just can’t get enough of!





    1. Cadburys Chocolate


    Everyone loves chocolate and anyone who says they don’t is not to be trusted! As for the brand, Cadburys is the chocolate of choice for expats.

    All it takes is a glimpse of that classic purple wrapper to send the taste buds into overdrive!



    1. Marmite

      Taken from wikipedia

    I had to confirm this one as it seems unlikely expats would miss a peculiar brown paste that efficiently ruins perfectly good toast…but it’s been confirmed!

    Love it or hate it, there’s no getting around the fact that expats worldwide love that delicious…yeasty…goodness…mmmmm.




    1. Branston Pickle

    Since those brilliant minds at Branston decided to pickle up some chutney back in 1922, it has become as much of a British institution as queuing politely or watching the Queen's Christmas speech.

    No ham and cheese sandwich is quite right without it and no picnic as charming. Branston are now even reaching out into the dynamic world of baked beans! Who knows what other exciting adventures lie ahead.




    1. Heinz Ketchup

      Taken from Wikipedia

    Like the advert says “It has to be Heinz” as no other ketchup begins to stand up. Whether you’re looking for something tasty to dunk your chips in or finishing off the perfect hot dog, Heinz ketchup has and always will be there.

    Naturally with such a life span Heinz Ketchup has given rise to many heated debates, the most pressing being whether it should it be stored in a cupboard or refrigerator. Experts claim the reduced salt content over the years suggests the fridge is the best option, but the debate rages on.

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