• 15 ways to tell if you’ve culturally adapted to Spain

    Posted by Dannielle Noonan

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    New expat blogger Toni Atkinson is a divorced Aussie mum who has been living near Barcelona in Spain for three years. After taking part in our twice weekly #ExpatHour twitter chat, she got in touch to share some of the hilarious cultural adaptations she's made since moving to Spain. Her blog, Dios Mio Espana, (Oh my God, Spain!) is full of funny anecdotes and insights into life in Spain.


    Signs you've culturally adapted to Spain

     1. You’re never ever on time for an appointment. The set meeting time is only an approximate starting point. Punctuality is not expected and rarely ever adhered to.

    2. You eat lunch at 2pm, have a little sleep, go back to work at around 4.30pm, and never eat dinner until at least 10pm.

    3. Productivity is not a priority or a necessity.

    expat life in spain

    4. You can shrug your shoulders and pull a funny face at the same time.

     5. You’ve mastered the art of avoiding or palming off any tasks that may be too difficult (with the help of the shoulder shrug and funny face).

    6. You use the highly contradictory phrase “si, no?” as a way of endorsing a sentiment.

     7. You have no qualms about asking the waiter to top up your drink if you believe they’ve under-poured.

    signs you live in spain

    8. Lawful use of a roundabout is a complete mystery.

     9. You believe all other motorists are mind readers and never bother to waste finger power for use of the indicator.

     10. Your teenage kids are allowed out until after sunrise during a Fiesta.

    fiesta in spain

    11. Letting off fireworks in a public thoroughfare is totally acceptable.

     12. The first thing you say when you walk into a bank, post office, butcher, baker etc. is “who is the last” [in the cue], because there’s actually no cue, just a room full of people waiting.

     13. Drinking beer or a little red wine with your sandwich at 10am is a given.

    spanish quirks

    14. Even though you’ve spent hours compiling and double checking forms and documentation for a bureaucratic appointment, you’re not in the least surprised when you’re told you’re missing something (which was never on the list in the first place), and have to do it all over again – several times!

     15. You’re in a mad rush through July to get any work done because the entire country goes on holiday for the month of August.

    Contributed by www.DiosMioEspana.com

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    signs you live in spain

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