• 10 Best Expat Blogs

    Posted by Dannielle Noonan


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    Every Tuesday and Thursday expats from every corner of the globe take to twitter to unite in our #ExpatHour chat. Recently, we asked the ExpatHour community to tell us about their favourite expat bloggers. Everyone and their Aunt in Peru has a blog these days, but thanks to our ExpatHour community, we found the gems in the swathes of blogs about life abroad. These bloggers are popular because they talk about the expatriate experience truthfully and offer a wealth of advice, information and inspiration both to people planning a new life abroad and to those who already have their feet firmly planted in foreign soil.

    The expat bloggers listed here cover everything from being a professional overseas, dealing with the downsides of being a ‘trailing spouse’, to getting the best international medical cover for your country.

    10 - Gringos Abroad

    Gringos Abroad is a blog about a Canadian family living in Ecuador. The motivating factor in their move was the higher quality of life that Ecuador offer, and they share expat hacks, language learning, earning abroad, and product reviews.

    Medibroker’s favourite post on Gringos Abroad: The Ten Types of Expats


    9 - In Search of a Life Less Ordinary

    In Search of a Life Less Ordinary is Russell Howard's blog about expat life. He left England in 2003 in pursuit of less stress, more emphasis on the great outdoors, and seeking out a healthier, fuller way of living life. Moving to Vancouver then Ottawa, he then headed south to Sydney, Australia with his wife and two dogs and now writes about his pursuit of a life less ordinary.

    Medibroker's favourite post on In Search of a Life Less Ordinary: The Double Life of an Expat


    8 - Expat Partner Survival

    Expat Partner Survival is a blog about life as a 'trailing spouse' and mother. Clara Wiggins promotes her book and shares insights into life that other female expats can identify with, as well as useful advice as she prepares for her next move to South Africa.

    Medibroker's favourite post on Expat Partner Survival: Facebook envy – or the self-perpetuating circle of how we present expat life to the world.


    7 - O Sullivans Abroad

    O Sullivans Abroad details the experiences of  two educators (librarian and school counselor) from Portland, Oregon who decided the best way to see the world on a teacher's salary is to teach abroad. They started in Taichung, Taiwan and are now living in Kathmandu, Nepal with their two children. If you're thinking about relocating to Nepal or teaching abroad, thhis blog has some great tips.

    Medibroker's favourite post on O Sullivans Abroad: Being an Expat in Kathmandu


    6 - Living in Egypt

    Living in Egypt is a great blog for anyone who wants an insight into what life is like there compared to how the media presents it.  The author moved to Egypt in the late 80's from Toronto, Canada, with her Canadian/Egyptian husband, son and daughter.

    Medibroker's favourite post on Living in Egypt: Shaken, not Stirred.


    5 - Here is Havana

    Here is Havana is where Conner Gorry shares his opinions and experiences after 13 years (and counting) working as an American journalist in Havana. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to kiss on the Malecón, smoke 5 cent cigars, or forgo toilet paper, this is the expat blog for you.

    Medibroker's favourite post on Here is Havana: Havana for Careful Readers


    4 - Career by Choice Blog

    Career by Choice Blog is where expat and international career coach Megan Fitzgerald shares her wisdom. She gives readers advice and tips to succeed in an international profession, from making themselves visible to international employers to explaining how professional expats can benefit from blogging.

    Medibroker's favourite post on Careers by Choice: Internationalizing Your Bio to Support Your Domestic and International Job Search


    3 - Wagoners Abroad

    Wagoners Abroad is a useful and inspiring reference for expat families. This family lived in Spain for two years and are now travelling South East Asia. They even have a series written 'Through the eyes of a travelling child'!

    Medibroker's favourite post on Wagoners Abroad: Cost of Living in Spain - All Expenses Shared


    2 - The Life That Broke 

    The Life That Broke is written by Lauren, who lost her job in the economic downturn and used it as an excuse to move to Sydney, Australia. She blogs about Sydney expat life, travel and writing and now also life as a newlywed repatriate.

    Medibroker's favourite post on The Life That Broke: Finding Work and an Apartment in Sydney.


    1 - Circles in the Sand

    Circles in the Sand is the blog written by a women's magazine extraordinaire turned housewife and mother who moved to Dubai for her husband's job as a pilot. If you are planning a life in the Middle East, you should definitely take a look.

    Medibroker's favourite post on Circles in the Sand: The Dubai School Run


    Did we miss any of your favourite expat blogs? Let us know!

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