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Since our launch, the Medibroker team have united behind a consistent Mission and Vision for the business. This has been underpinned by a number of core values which are central to the business. Our success has been built around being true to these values and they have changed little over the years.

Take a look at them below to understand why we have been consistently recognised for the quality of our advice and customer service.

Price Guarantee

Here are Medibroker we guarantee that you will never get a cheaper deal by going to one of our insurers directly.

Our free service gives you access to the same great premiums you would get by going directly through the insurers with the added benefit of our impartial stance as a broker.

The biggest difference is that because we process your claim we can save you both time and money by taking the stresses and strains out of applying for your insurance claim.

The world of health insurance can sometimes be a confusing a one, so let our team of friendly experts complete the process for you.



Our Vision

To be the recognised world leader in health and medical insurance solutions, providing global solutions and personal service to the expatriate and local community.


Our Mission

Medibroker are committed to providing expatriates everywhere with a first class, personal experience from start to finish. We always offer independent, impartial and tailored advice based entirely on our customers needs and budget.

Our Value

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Honesty and clarity are the cornerstones of our relationship with all of our stakeholders. It starts with us!



We all seek to develop ourselves as professionals, and we aim to deliver in every aspect of finding our customers the best international health insurance plans for them.


Personal Responsibility

We proudly accept our responsibility in making our company a success and proactively play a part in making this happen. We ensure we deliver by finishing what we start.



Taking pride in what we do inspires us to deliver excellence consistently to our partners and customers.


Let us find the right international health insurance for you

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