Your guide to international health insurance

Designed to protect you during your time abroad

Why is international private medical insurance (IPMI) important?

Unlike the NHS in the UK, a lot of healthcare systems around the world are not free. As such if you require any medical treatment during a stay abroad it can end up costing thousands of pounds. International private medical insurance (IPMI) offers protection against these costs.

A compliant international health insurance plan offers financial security and ensures your personal well-being should any medical issues arise, wherever you are in the world. In most cases, international health insurance policies allow customers to choose in which country they receive medical care, in some cases with the option to receive treatment in their home country. This is an attractive benefit if you are based somewhere remote with healthcare facilities of a lower standard than those in your home country.

Perhaps most importantly, an international health insurance policy that is compliant in your country provides you with access to a consistent quality of care because you have access to the best facilities and medical professionals.

IPMI is primarily designed for expats who are spending more than 12 months overseas who don't have access to suitable/affordable healthcare facilities. IPMI is sometimes confused with travel insurance but they are by no means the same product.

There are thousands of IPMI plans, many of which have flexible levels of cover so they can be tailored to your personal situation and budget. By selecting the specific types of cover you will need, the price of your policy will change accordingly, meaning you only pay for the level of cover you require.

Who is iPMI right for?

  • People working overseas

  • People moving abroad to start a new life

  • International students studying abroad

  • Anyone spending more than 12 months in a country without suitable healthcare

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What are the key benefits?

Global Cover

A lot of plans can cover you in multiple countries, meaning your cover goes wherever you do!

Financial Security

International health insurance offers financial security against potential costs of healthcare abroad.


From your family to your work force, Medibroker can find a plan for your needs.

Peace of Mind

IPMI offers security and peace of mind during your stay overseas. You can relax, knowing you're protected.

Want to know more about IPMI?

Understanding the product you are buying is essential to ensure you get the best value for your money, and that's why people trust the health insurance experts at Medibroker to find the best plan for their needs.


If you're looking for information about international health insurance then this is the guide for you. It will give you an introduction to the issues to consider when buying a plan. It also covers...

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  • Insurance tips for working overseas
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Different Types of Cover